Bald E-Gal’s The Convoy Teaser


In case you don’t look at Transworld’s crappy site anymore here’s the boys from Bald E-Gal with a teaser that is sure to get you excited about 3D animations and Midwest madness.

Featuring: Krister Ralles, Shane Ruprecht, Brandon Larson, Ryan Paul, Randy Vannurden, Dan Brisse, Viktor Simco, Dan Liedahl, Cody Beiersdorf and friends…

  • 1817

  • squares

    poor led zeppelin

  • Tyler May

    Posting the teaser after the movie has been premiered?

  • jimmash

    cody beiersdorf, enough said

  • Radio (from the movie)


  • Cats Of Anarchy

    God dam, American snowboarding are so fucking much better then foreign films! Good’ol’American home grown

  • Cats Of Anarchy

    American Snowboard movies*

  • chuuch

    Yobeat can’t talk shit on Transworld. You’re just a bunch of hipsters. sick

  • yup

    Gnarly!!!!! 1817 for life

  • Hondo

    wasssssssupppppppppppppppppppppppppppp. hipsters …