Laura Rogoski Season Edit


Laura beat me at skate portion of the Pipe to Pipe three years ago. It turns out she’s also pretty good at snowboarding.

  • c’mon

    holy shit.
    Im impressed.

  • Shredi

    Kills It!

  • theres somethin weird about this guy

  • ble

    yeah, but is she hot?

  • LURK

    switch tricks for days

  • rickity

    her board best have a kitchen and bedroom attached…

    just kidding this lady snowboarder shreds

  • Timwindells’ballsack

    some solid urban rails, big ups

  • Stan Darsh

    Yeah Laura! That ruled

  • not hot
  • mebe

    best female edit i’ve seen

  • dode

    who the fuck is jess kimura?

  • darrah


  • dicksta

    think she wears underwear in dick holes in em?

    seriously. she rides like a man

  • Colt.

    Laura! That was Awesome!

  • LOu

    this was great

  • JOC

    daaaaamn laura that was amazing!!

  • Johnny Utah

    how come every girl has lock-knees? not bad though, not bad at all- for a chick. reminds me of JP Walker… you know cause of the high flyin arms

  • judas

    she’s a digger at high cascade, and ghost-lifts all the heavy shit

  • mia

    fuck yeah laura.

  • the man

    judas the other weekend i ghost lifted ur mom it was mediocre