bHappy at Mt. Rose


When you’re happy all the time like the bHappy crew, the preseason shred is almost enough to make your pleasure sensors explode. Join them for a magical day at Mt. Rose.

Sammy Spiteri Guest Edit.

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  1. jerm
    jerm says:

    i want it to snow not necessarily because i want to go snowboarding, but so that tube season can end. this wasnt too bad though.

  2. Big E
    Big E says:

    Sweet another edit with a bunch of Bros doing tricks on some tube at Rose, how many times do we have to see this, friends getting together and having fun? I am getting tired of it, get back on the couch!

  3. jermette
    jermette says:

    jerm you are my soulmate, come find me. you will never have to masterbate in the windells lodge and get caught by your campers ever again!!

  4. purps
    purps says:

    How can an entire group of friends have the same exact (skateboard wanna be) style? Try something original, this fad is getting old

  5. Womp
    Womp says:

    Seriously purps?

    This is one of the more memorable tube edits I’ve seen…great music and kids who have incredible control over their snowboards (skateboard wanna be style). And why the fuck does it matter? Every board sport mimics another in some way

  6. paulheran
    paulheran says:

    I personally try my best to mimic extreme skootering, which isn’t technically a board sport, but it’s pretty damn close. I’d like to think that one day, skootering could be accepted by skateboarders, and snowboarders alike. It really has potential.

  7. BHappy
    BHappy says:

    I sit here and watch what other people say and make fake names up so I dont look like a douchebag, and then make fun of other people under fake names because I am a douchebag. HAHA BHappy you guys are cool! You act so much like you don’t care but yet you sit around waiting for people to comment, get a life suckas.

  8. crack
    crack says:

    @womp “incredible control” hahahah that just sounds so gay, anybody can do any trick on a tube, and anyone can do it 3 times over so they can show off their “incredible control” for their edit, then scan through comments everyday and pretend they have a life

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