Ben Rice’s New Acting Career

Ben Ruby Rice is way too cool for snowboarding, which is probably how he scored his first real acting gig. According to the COMUNE website, Ben will be appearing in the new Jamie Heinrich film titled “Happily Never After”.

HAPPILY NEVER AFTER is about a guy, Cole, with a 13 year old daughter. Cole is known for his background as a famous commercial actor from the 80’s. He has now taken on his own made up profession as a photographer.

Cole’s relationship with his daughter Kaitlyn is diminishing and its crushing him. Kaitlyn is miserable and blames Cole for being an only child. Cole tries to replenish it with a discovery of a long lost child he never knew he had through a knocked up dropped out high school girl friend. He develops a relationship with his newly discovered 18 year old son, Bo, and makes a week long documentary about him to surprise his daughter with it at her 13th birthday party.

A lot happens in Cole’s one week journey up to Kaitlyn’s birthday party. A wild surprise from a high school ex, a child he didn’t know existed, a newly built relationship with two out of control 18 year olds, an affair with his newly found son’s girl friend, and a kick in the face twist where the only thing left to do is celebrate family love.

Oh and with a little googling, we found out ESPN totally knew about this weeks ago and already did a feature on it, so go read it.

Links: COMUNE | ESPN | 9000 Wolves

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  1. badasspeckerwood.
    badasspeckerwood. says:

    He’s that guy that walks through the door in the background at 45.32 in and says “cool deal, bro”.

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