Homeschool Snowboarding Official Launch Party Oct. 15

Do you like staying warm and dry when you snowboard? Do you also like booze and music? If you answered yes to these questions, and are over 21 and live in Portland, then we suggest you come to the Homeschool Snowboarding official launch party this Saturday, Oct. 15. Check the poster for all the details and don’t even pretend like you have anything better to do.

  • j

    Damn…like a mile from my house….and I do LOVE beer…

  • JL

    And by Friday YoBeat means Saturday, 15th. come drink some beers with us!

    • Damn it, dates are so hard. fixed.

  • Womp

    Homeschool’s logo = couldn’t come up with something creative so they flipped the Raiden logo around and added a dash\

  • j

    Shit, dude has a good point re: the logo (well, slash vs. dash, but we got ya wompa), though I guess on the real God (or higher power of your choice, we don’t discriminate) holds the trademark on lightning bolts