Terrible Tuesday: The U of U Bomb


Will Tudenham and Justin Keniston take the trax to the top of the U and bomb down. Along the way they run into friends Sam Taxood and Benjamin Bilodeau and do a few sweet moves too.

  • turd ferguson


  • Pusha-T

    chopped and skrewed. no brakes!

  • poopdix

    thats my shit! although you guys better watch out, i do hold the land speed record there….

  • dubVmK

    fucking mormons man

  • fred

    that shit is so fun. next time you need to go through the curb shoot on the other side of the gym though…

  • SLC

    Ben that ginger

  • He$h

    mt. tabor and zoo bomb kill this shit

  • dur

    omg they hill bombed the shit out of that

  • weinerhouse

    that would have been way cooler if they were on longboards, bro.

  • dad

    speed up

  • Pusha-T

    why are there so many gingers in slc?

  • Tim

    I’ve been bombing the U since before there was a trax. Good times.

  • Hash Slinging Slasher

    more speed

  • Alex

    That was cool. But the hyper highway was way faster…until they fucked it up! And I still hate those stupid painted bike lines they put everywhere, dammit.

  • badasspeckerwood.

    what the fuck is the “U”, and why i should i give a crap about kids riding skateboards down a hill. that happens everyday. much like people killing dogs and making sarah mclachlan cry, and i dont care about that shit either.