Frontline Rail Jam 2011

The Frontline Railjam happened in Stockholm on October 1st. There were a bunch of international riders such as Halldor, Eiki, Gulli, Casanova, Swoboda etc. Tim Schiphorst road tripped from wherever it is he’s from with Cees Wille and Gerben Verweij to make this video. We’re happy to report that while US Rail contests have gone soft since the demise of Red Bull Heavy Metal, this one has stayed true to its roots year after year. However, this is not to say suspect rail riding doesnt still win…

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  1. lionel hutz
    lionel hutz says:

    that was fucking terrible. he just spins as much as he possibly can and hopes for the best on the rail, looks awful

  2. OliverDixon
    OliverDixon says:

    You’re right! Denis does have talent! Do you have any idea how hard it is to make snowboarding look like skiing? I can’t do half the shit that he tries.

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