Birdhouse The Movie: Part 3


Part 3 of 4 of Tre Squad’s Summer flick, featuring Spencer Schubert, the friends montage, and Blake Geis.

  • boobs

    bunch of poop and your description was all wacky

  • ben

    this might be the best movie of the year

  • eh

    blake geis whatta bitch

  • the weakest so far.

  • dfdg

    perfect song for blake

  • shitballs

    blake cant even suck right.

    emo ass song too

  • Rippin’

  • jesuschristsuperstar

    I hate watching blake do 90s pokes while he spins and I hate that song so fucking much.

  • Yeah Blake!!! Winnnnnnnnnnnnnning

  • Gerald

    blake sucks!!

  • swag

    blake sucks at uno, but is a great boarder and a ok guy

  • Benjamin Maki

    Blake really does suck at uno, he losses every time

  • stopped watching because of that fuckin song

  • Johnny Kapahala

    urchins fo lyfe