Sarah Morrison Goes on Vacation

I attended the screenings of not one, but two outdoor movies this week — the Sound of Music at the Hollywood Bowl and the world premiere of Forum’s latest snowboard movie endeavor Vacation on the Huntington Beach Pier. The Sound of Music has been around for a couple years, but the Forum editing team finished Vacation roughly 40 minutes before it hit the big outdoor screen. The Sound of Music drew a far larger crowd and it included a karaoke track across the screen to sing a long with. Vacation did not.

In addition to the lack of a karaoke and encouraged audience sing-a-long, it’s not really beach season nor does there tend to be snow in Orange County in early fall or ever. So with that in mind, the turnout was impressive. The video’s stars, local teenagers who may have never actually snowboarded before, and aging snowboarders alike gathered around the large outdoor screen for the event.

It’s been a while since I watched a snowboard video in its entirety. And Vacation was a good watch. It mixed shots of the Forum team on snow with them partying it up in Cabo; doing crazy things like drinking alcohol, performing hilarious antics with animal shaped pool floats, and hanging out with Law and Order and rap’s Ice T. Snowboarding looked relatively similar to the days when I voluntarily watched snowboard videos. The kids do the same tricks, but just more of them in a row. I recognized a few non-snowboarding appearances by Peter Line who with Eddie Wall had helped in the Cabo or the actual Vacation part of Vacation. And East Coast luminary names like Preston Strout (New Hampshire) and Spongie (Concepts) listed in the credits. It was inspirational. If there had been snow rather than sand, I totally would have hiked the half pipe. But there wasn’t, so I didn’t.

Instead, I headed to the after party at Huntington Beach’s Black Bull, where the video played on screens throughout the male cow themed bar. I immediately ran into people I knew like; Peter Line, Hondo, and Cory Grove. But since Cory was not selling hotdogs, nor had anything really to do with the evening, we decided not to include his photo.

Pat Moore and Stevie Bell were there. Pat is from lovely Holderness, New Hampshire. Like many New England natives with an affinity for snowboarding, I tried to attend nearby Plymouth State, until my brain began to explode out of boredom. So we talked obscure small towns in New Hampshire for a while, until Peter got annoyed and asked us to stop talking about New Hampshire. Which neither of us had a problem doing. Waterville. Valley. Forever.

A bunch of strangers yelled ‘I’m on vacation!’ as Austen Sweetin held drinks in air for his Yobeat photo. But since Austin is not 21, he wasn’t actually there. Nor was he drinking. And I’m making this whole part up.

Then there was Kurt Heine who had done quite a bit of the filming of Vacation and was conveniently clad in a Vacation t-shirt for his photo opp. He also filmed Peter Line’s first video part ever. (Fun Fact)

I swear this dude with Peter told me his name was Pam.

And then Peter revealed my big missed snowboarding celebrity encounter, Pat Bridges. Apparently, the definitive snowboard expert had attended the premiere, but had skipped the after party. (He had to go to bed early. It was reported.) Peter then went into a story, where he and Mack Dawg innocently asked Bridges a question about freestyle snowboarding. Peter interjected in his best Pat Bridges voice, “Jake Burton was doing blah blah blah in Vermont, but three hours later somewhere in Europe…” “And then an hour later he was like, ‘And that is how freestyle snowboarding began.”’ “There will be a documentary on Bridges someday. The kids can learn a lot from him,” Peter pointed at me and added. “I will watch that documentary,” I pointed back. “Did you hear he’s not smoking Reds anymore? He was switched to Lights.” “I hope they include that in the documentary…for the kids,” I replied.

See you at that premiere. Thanks Forum, Vacation, and Black Bull Chop House. And special thanks to my assistant on this story, the great Peter Line.

Some homeless woman REALLY wanted to take a picture of me and Peter. She liked our ‘vibe.’ That’s why it sucks.

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