2012 Boards with Friends: Part Two


Buying a snowboard can be a very stressful event. Don’t worry because we did all the hard work for you. This week in boards with friends we get a chance to check out five new boards from five different brands in the game. Josh Parker, John Murphy, Jerm, Dylan Alito, and myself talk about why we love our summer whips.

Josh Parker on The Capita Ultrafear

The Ultrafear will make you:
Press as high as Scott Stevens.
Get upside down as easily as Mike Ravelson.
Clear insane death gaps like Dan Brisse.
Look as cool as Laura Hadar.
Spin as fast as Brandon Cocard.
Plus it has a skull on it and everyone knows skulls are bad ass.


John Murphy on the Rhythm Exploit

The Rhythm Exploit is perfect for all around mountain smashing. I also love it in the park because it’s got a combination of perfect pop and also ideal press points to help you lock into presses. It has minimal (close to 0) regular camber and 45 degree beveled sidewalls, providing the perfect amount of stability and responsiveness when your smashing euro carves or hitting a big ol’ booter. Overall, this board is FUN as-just plain playful with stability. Give it a whirl and see how it treats ya!


Jerm on the Burton Easy Livin 155

After riding reverse camber boards for several seasons I decided I wanted a little more power under my feet this summer and  stepped to the multi-camber option of the Burton Easy Livin’. It has reverse camber in the middle and regular camber under foot, allowing it to sit essentially flat on the ground. At first I was not a fan of having to work harder to ollie and press but as the board broke in, I learned how to do tricks the right way again. I began to like not looping out on the tail a lot more like I did with traditional rocker snowboards. I have also noticed the double camber action tends to want to edge hard in the pipe and when carving off jumps. The nose and tail shape kind of annoy me too. I’m all for the “non-traditional” shapes but this one gets a little too pointy for my liking. All in all, I’d say this is a pretty well-rounded board — soft enough to womp out some deep presses but stiff enough that you don’t loop out when landing a bit off centered.


Dylan Alito on the Volcom Stone Rider
If ya want a good look at a T Bone steak ya could stick ya head up a bull’s ass, or ya could just ask the butcher. This board butchers everything in site. It’s a noodle, cooked rare, done just to my liking. Like a playboy you can look but can’t touch, finding one of these boards is rare!


(Photo credit Coolhunting.com)

Enzo Plati on the Rome Postermania

If you find yourself to be one of those people who generally hate rocker then this is the intro-rocker board for you. This board is loaded with Reverse-Free Camber Rocker. With a flat base between the bindings and rocker from the bindings out this board is ideal for all mountain riding. All though Reverse-Free Camber Rocker may sound like a contradiction it is actually quite a pleasant ride. Hold solid on the Palmer Point. It slays on rails and does not wheelie out on shitty summer jumps. If you’re the kind of person who can only budget one board a season this is the one for you. All and all this board is the shit. Hats off to the Design House at Rome from another solid staple in the snowboarding design. Go fast and jump off shit.

  • hmmm

    i can’t believe jerm wears saga..

  • Duh

    Hah… why not? Hes kooky as fack

  • Gerg!

    Does anyone make a board yet that has camber underfoot, W rocker in the middle, and then a rocker section just in front of the bindings, then a flat section beyond that, then a mid-double fakie rocker behind that, and then magnetraction tips? I heard it adds more pop?

    I am going to go ride my cambered Gucci surfboard now (if I can find it)…

  • da da da

    lollz to gerg and after that description of the ultrafear idk how you could not want one..

  • Jerm

    We’ll believe it. Iv’e worked my ass off more than ANY of you know. plus, after this season I should be pro for them.

  • jerm


  • the imposters

  • Just got postermania’s in the mail, can’t wait to get em on the snow now!

  • gram

    nice photo Enzo. real professional buddy.

  • Blaster Master

    Bit I don’t wanna ride rocker momma!

  • Enzo

    @gram. You can take pictures of my boards as long as you want. Hurt when you die… Ha.

  • gram

    @enzo way to take a joke amigo. just want some love, it took 30mins to photoshop the campers outa that shot!