Brackish Co’s Worst Summer Job Ever Contest

For those of us not lucky to enough to be rich kids, or have a sweet Nike sponsorship, a summer job is a must. Of course, some summer jobs are worse than others. If you went home with sore feet, a sore back, a sun burn, or smelling like shit from yours this summer, our friends at Brackish Co want to reward you with some free gear. Read on for all the info and how to enter:

Rules: First, you must like us up on Facebook.

Next, just email us a short story of why you had the worst summer job in order to earn money to buy new gear, a season pass or whatever you need to shred this season. Also provide proof of employment such as a pay stub, a picture or a contact number so we can vouch that your not making this crap up. The worst job wins a Brackish hat, a beanie and a new Four Season wrap (and we will probably throw in more than that). Remember, just because your head wasn’t up an elephants ass doesn’t mean your job didn’t suck. Please enter even if you worked long hours flipping burgers or being a lumberjack. You never know, you might win some gear. We hope your hard work pays off! GOOD LUCK!

Submissions must be entered before October 15th. Winner will be announced on Friday, October 28th.

For all the info and to enter:

  • Mel Gibson

    Wow, I mean, I would put in the effort but that shit is so gay.

  • ilkid

    some jed anderson shit ^^^^^^