Cancer Roasted Kev’s Nuts…

The man of the hour

Our friend Kevin Nimick is battling nut cancer, which is a total bummer, both for his balls and his wallet. Luckily, Portland is full of great people and Kevin knows most of them, so the out pouring of support has been strong. In the past week, there have been two big events to raise money, and last night, I made it to one of them. Tim Karpinski’s Together Gallery played host to “Midnight Adventures,” a collaborative art show in which all of Kev’s arsty friends created and donated art. Everything was then sold, silent auction style, to the highest bidder. The turnout was a veritable who’s who of cool dudes and dudettes in Portland and a good chunk of cash raised for Kevin’s treatment.

Cancer can suck it and we’re sending good vibes to Kevin, as well as Jake Burton, who announced last week he’s also battling the disease. If you’d like to help Kev pay his lofty bills, Airblaster is selling limited edition Air Terry shirts, and all proceeds go to Kevin. Get yours at Exit Real World or on the Airblaster webstore. You can also make a donation at

Packed house of the coolest dudes in PDX

Nick Dirks is sitting on a very tiny chair for some reason.

Beer was all the way in the back, so it was wise to get two.

Art. All reasonably priced.

Also art. I am not sure who went home with this gem.

Party Time Nate Betteker and Poler’s Kharma Vella

Alex Mertz keeps it classy

Nike Snowboarding boss guy Brian Craighill clearly didn’t want his photo taken.

Austin Smith was having a really good time. Or maybe he was just really excited about getting his photo taken!

Even the BMXers were there. Yobeat creative director/flatland department Jared Souney and Goods BMX owner Shad Johnson

Tim Karpinski was rocking a sort of vampire-look, which is probably why this photo is out of focus.

Portland’s first couple of snowboard videography, June Bhongjan and Joe Carlino

You may know Brent Atchley better as a pro skateboarder, but last night he showed up dressed as Christian Slater.

Intern was triple fisting. Also, he’s been wearing that cardigan since he got here.

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