People’s Court: Cody Lee vs Tristan Sadler


Although it has a sprawling skate park, BMX dirt course, and a mega ramp, Windells is a relatively small place. Being confined into such a small space for the whole summer can make you hate people real fast. That is exactly what happened to the two competitors in this week’s battle. I have never seen two bigger enemies than Tristan and Cody. They would always be glaring at each other, trying to one up each other, and I’m pretty sure Cody was emailing Tristan’s girlfriend behind his back. The end of the season party almost erupted in a fist fight between these two aggressive boarders but alas, they never got to duke it out.* Let their snowboarding decide who is the better man and vote for who you think deserves Windells supremacy. The winner will receive some Yobeat gear and a chance at taking home a Banshee Bungee.

Cody Lee

Tristan Sadler

*I made that all up and they are best friends but vote anyways.

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If you think these guys suck and you are way better, or you’d just like to be part of the People’s Court, send a link to your video (on vimeo or youtube, please – videos hosted on other platforms will not be be considered) with your name, address, size and a little bit about yourself to [email protected] If you’re chosen for the battle, we’ll send you an email when it goes live. Each week, the battle winner will receive a prize from the YoBeat Store. As of February 2011, the video with the single most vote each calender month will also receive a Banshee Bungee.

The People’s Court is brought to you by:

Mandatory Disclaimer: Battles are open to any amateur snowboarder. As long as you are not getting paid by any brand, you are eligible to compete. You may choose your size, but not style (prizes are given away based on availability.) Videos should be submitted by the rider, not the videographer or your asshole friends. But whatever.

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  1. Poop scoop
    Poop scoop says:

    Cody killed it, tristians Was wavin his hands in the air like he just dont care, and I never saw him catch any air, codys the true player. Bear. Flare. McNare. Uhhh yah

  2. futuredrunk
    futuredrunk says:

    i think these guys actually shared the same bed…
    also, didn’t watch cause neither of these guys party. shame.

  3. tristan
    tristan says:

    cody is obviously taking this one haha i didn’t have a single jump shot, and with that said i agree cody is the true player in this one

  4. Jake
    Jake says:

    Boardjumpz is super lame. he was my counsler at Windells and all he did was abuse me. Tristian only told me how bad i was at snowboard, so I think that neither of them should get any type of prize. Oh by the way Austin Norlin is gay and this is a true statement. I saw him go off with another guy after a premier one night.

  5. ThugZone
    ThugZone says:

    I was going to vote, but after all of the fake editing and stunt doubles these two parts had, I just decided to hate instead. JK Cody and Tristan are both killers and just great people all around.

  6. Session6er
    Session6er says:

    Haha Cody killed it, I remember watching him shred at the Grand Targhee comps with 5-0. Tristan is an abusive, dream killing, haterade drinking knuckle dragger. He literally would not stop giving me a hard time for no reason at all at sesh 6 in the capita cabin. Plus his video was wack.

  7. shaquille oneil
    shaquille oneil says:

    Cody has some serious jump style, his front cork 5s (1:30) are flawless. Love watching his jibbing too, he hauled ass through the front board on the dfd

  8. EddieWillow
    EddieWillow says:

    You guys are so lame, going to hood is so 2010. Cody, get some style will ya! Triscuits, learn how back one on pretzel 5 out of the dfd already!

    miss you guys!

  9. ThirstyConvoy is a Bit*ch
    ThirstyConvoy is a Bit*ch says:

    Well Tristan needs to learn how to jump. the skating in the edit was sick. Kids these days like to hit rails so much on their snowboards. shoot I remember when rails where ment for the mirror on the coffee table haha.
    Cody Lee for sure tho. But what we can say about these two is they are what makes windells a dope place. Not the trust fund babies or the “Yo i work for this company i’m so in the industry” everyone knows your full of shit. These types of riders hang with kids and help kids that look up to them. yeah being positive and still hating on kooks is awesome. Yobeat was cooler years ago.

  10. people these days
    people these days says:

    matt shut up. we deal with your anti Christ I hate god stuff all the time sorry tristen lives for something more in life then himself and getting f’d up all the time. so deal with one verse you ignorant ass. tristen keep it real

  11. matt
    matt says:

    people these days;
    i said absolutely nothing about “anti christ i hate god stuff.” i simply stated i don’t want to see god ramblings in snowboarding edits. i dont put upside down crosses at the beginning of every edit i make. sorry that you believe in false idols, rather than believing in proven science. i dont like to talk about religion, but ignorance runs rampant with people like you. not christians, just people who freak out because someone states their opinion and they don’t agree with it.
    like i said before, both snowboarders were killin it.

  12. tristan
    tristan says:

    i think we should all get along, its snowboarding and snowboarding is fun. we all have different opinions that we may or may not express in the snowboarding that we do and people will either like it or hate it, no need to argue you about it, so with that said.. lets do some snowboarding and leave it at that.

    but all else aside… thanks for keeping it fresh with the comments, hate or no hate, and you can check out which ones we like the most through out the week here …..

  13. $krill
    $krill says:

    I heard Cody goes to strips clubs and Tristan listens to hot topic/ zumiez music!
    and “see you in the streets”

  14. CaptainIncredible
    CaptainIncredible says:

    Ok so i saw that kid cody at a contest once, did a loose ass backflip and landed on his dick. I didnt know if he was crying because he didnt win, or because his dick hurt so bad. Oh and i was at this club one time and i saw that Tristan kid super drunk drinkin a wine cooler and making out with a dude. I feel bad for those little boys at that Windells summer camp. Oh and that Austin Norlin is one wild mothafuka he once hired an illegal immagrant to choke him in the shower while he masterbates.

  15. Cassi
    Cassi says:

    Matt, I find it interesting that you state that you are bothered by, “people who freak out because someone states their opinion and they don’t agree with it” however that is exactly what you did in your first statement related to Tristan referencing Bible verses. Is that not Tristan right to state his own opinions without backlash from others?? I highly doubt Tristan has ever shown you any disrespect for your views, but rather prayed for you! I think you need to be careful before you make such statements that you are not being hypocritical or intolerant!!!

  16. Ian Macy
    Ian Macy says:

    I think we can all agree that snowboarding is god. Guess there are varying degrees of that statement manifested in this weird thing we all do down and sometimes up hills. Both of these guys rip, both of them are basically sponsored and one thing is for sure: it’s probably a good idea not to judge other people. Then again I guess that is the purpose of People’s Court… This post is officially the most high school dramatic internet website brand name bullshit post on “Yobeatoff” to date. End of story! Just kidding.

  17. indian casino royale
    indian casino royale says:

    All this for one t-shirt? Honestly this is what the debate is over. Neither of them really need it. Maybe send if to Africa yobeat and be super trendy? really this was a great show of the why snowboarders are great, most of these comments are right on

  18. K-Boss
    K-Boss says:

    Tristan is one of the nicest cat’s out there and can rip,A+ in my book,,Don’t know Cody but hangs with T$, A+ as well,, looked like a fun summer!!

  19. Former Student
    Former Student says:

    Keep God out of snowboarding. Punk rock and dumb editing effects don’t make up for your stupid bible verse.

  20. forbrukslån
    forbrukslån says:

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