Jeezum Crow: Vermont Still Needs Your Help

Remember when Vermont got totally fucked by that bitch Irene? Unfortunately, the media doesn’t, but guess what, they still need help. Our friends over at 10Engines made up some nice little benefit stickers for the Vermont Food Bank and are offering them up for a $1 donation. Here’s the backstory and what you can do to get one, or just help:

Tropical Storm Irene “fatigue” may have subdued coverage in the general media, but there are still needs to be met in Vermont. Ms. Mitchell of N’Eaststyle and I dreamed up this sticker a few months back for its woodsy-vibe (honestly as just a truck/skate/snowboard decal) but have re-purposed it to support the ongoing efforts of the Vermont Food Bank who have been stretched, and tested following Irene.

These are available from Ball and Buck in Boston’s North End, at the Peru Fair this weekend, or stop me on the street… $1 donation. All proceeds go to @vermontfoodbank

As these were drawn up pre-Irene there was a small 10e/NES logo hit on the crow’s branch; understand if that doesn’t sit well with you… feel free to donate directly to VTFoodBank or whomever you prefer in another way. Further reading at VTResponse.

So be a pal and hook up VT with a little love. Link:

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