Rego’s Park Footy


Some days, the stars just align. Someone asks for Rego in the comments, and then he drops this edit with his park footy from the last two seasons. Aren’t we lucky!

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  1. mark
    mark says:

    juicy j and a black and white park footy edit… sounds a lot like that edit that fronius just had.
    still good moves though

  2. jerm
    jerm says:

    @isjerminjailagain? had my car broken into in slc. stole all my electronics and snowboard gear. havent had easy access to the web much lately.

  3. oh
    oh says:

    i asked for rego, but I’ll just keep watching Loonatics 5 everyday. This emo remake doesn’t make it into my favs.
    As my whishes seem to come true, I wish there was a recut of Shoot the Moon so it has more passion, friendship and fun in it. Tricks should fit the soundtrack better. Just like DOPE!!! And there should be no L1 guys in it. May god have mercy on their souls

  4. oh
    oh says:

    oh and rego, tyler lynch, eman and alstathis should be in it! And Rego has to wear the hat and those mittens in every shot! Get to work videograss videomakers

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