Win: A Forum Wordmark Tee and Mojo Hat

It’s Vacation Week and we’ve got stuff to give away every day! We’re starting things out with a nice little package of goodies from Forum Snowboards, including a Forum Werdmark Tee, and Mojo Hat. To win: Email your best Vacation tip to [email protected] Please include your shirt size, hat size and address so we can send your prize when you win!

Stay tuned all week for more Vacation fun and prizes getting bigger and better every day! A new giveaway starts shortly…

AND THE WINNER IS!!! Scott Miller from New Hampton, NH, who suggested “don’t be the asshole who forgets his wallet or deodorant. Blowin it” but was actually selected at random.

Thanks to everyone who entered for the great tips, here are a few of our favorites:

“Do be sure to watch what you eat, because shitting your brains out in a beautiful country sucks just as bad as shitting your brains out in your Iowa home” and “Don’t ever pick up a South American prostitute, because although what happens in Cabo stays in Cabo applys, it doesn’t apply when to Herpes…That s**t stays with you.” — Garrett Okun, Boone, NC.

“Go All-inclusive. Unlimited booze!” — Jordan Enns

“Do not: Fall asleep on the beach for 4 hours after, might wake up with bit of a suprise the sun left for ya or possibly buried in sand” — Kevin Adams

“Take a red eye so you get a full extra day of shedding.” — Bryant Thomas, Gatlinburg, TN

“Get through security quick by wearing only your birthday suit.” — Mitch Davidson, Barrie, Ontario

“Don’t make plans” — Noah Cameo, Foothill Ranch, CA

“Wear your shirt as little as possible” — Joe Reichmann

“Never fall in love on vacation. The only thing you will be left with when she disappears is a new facebook friend, a broken heart and maybe an incurable virus.” — Morgan Griffith, SLC

“DON’T: Try and pick up girls in the conventional way.
DO: Use only pick up lines from “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” Those always work.” — Griffin Lancaster, SLC

“Trace the words “Yobeat sucks!” onto your shoulders in sunscreen, so you
have an awesome-ass tan-tattoo with your skin cancer!” — Morgan Burns, Mooresville, NC

“To save money and space in your bag, wash your undergarments while you shower, with the same soap, then hang dry.” — Gerardo Mendoza

Vacation Week is brought to you by Vacation, the new team film from Forum, Special Blend and Foursquare, premiering Sept. 28th in Huntington Beach, CA. Click on over to for the full North American tour schedule and teaser.

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