Vacation Week: Vacation Do’s and Don’ts

After my recent vacation, I realized, this is living! So, when the crew at Forum suggested taking Yobeat on Vacation in preparation for its North American tour, we said, hell yeah! Break out your flip flops, crack a cold one, and get ready to have a damn good time. First up, we present a few travel tips from the Forum team’s recent trip to Cabo to help you prepare. Check em all out, cause your chance to win goodies from Forum Snowboards is at the end…

Don’t: Turn your back on the ocean. Nothing will ruin your vacation like getting swept out to sea, especially when you’re a snowboard type with a scrawny upper body and minimal swimming skills.

Do: Protect your eyes and your pasty ginger skin from the sun. Goggles aren’t just for snowboarding, ya know. Alek Oestreng.

Do: Take advantage of the various activities with friends. That way, You both look ridiculous and no one drowns! Jake Welch and Nic Sauve.

Do: Take lots of pictures! You’ll wanna remember your memories, forever. Peter Line and Austen Sweetin.

Don’t: Forget sunscreen. Stevie Bell.

Do: Assure you have proper flotation devices, at all times.

Don’t: Leave your friend you buried with an empty drink. That’s just mean. Niko Cioffi and Daniel Ek.

Do: Take advantage of your sweet air awareness skills from snowboarding to do fancy flips into the water. The ladies will love it.

Don’t: Wear your T-shirt when you’re surfing. Unless of course you’re trying to distract people from how bad you are, but seriously, are you the fat kid in gym class?

Do: Indulge in the local spirits and have fun with your friends. Duh.

OK, so we’re not actually going to send you on a vacation, but we do wanna hook you up with sweet Vacation gear all week. Today we’ve got a package including a Forum Werdmark Tee Mojo Hat, as well as other goodies and winning is easy! Click here for all the details and check back every day this week for a new giveaway.

Vacation Week is brought to you by Vacation, the new team film from Forum, Special Blend and Foursquare, premiering Sept. 28th in Huntington Beach, CA. Click on over to for the full North American tour schedule and teaser.

5 replies
  1. weenis
    weenis says:

    1. LOL wear sunscreen showing stevie bell
    2. Actually unless you want raw nipples do wear a shirt when surfing, unless of course your nipples are used to it.

  2. steezyyy
    steezyyy says:

    … can wear a rash guard to keep yer nips from chapping. :p

    otherwise you look like a shoobie….not good haha.

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