Working For the City FULL MOVIE


A Film By Jon Stark.

The City proudly presents its first full feature film, Working For The City, enjoy!

Co-Filmed/Edited By John Cywinski.

Riders: Justin Fronius, Blake Rhodes-Reid, Tristan Sadler, Jordan Daniels, Kyle Fischer, Colby Richards, Colin O’Fag, Connor Southard, Kent Leng, Ian Dodds, Richie Conklin, Pat Garvin, Colton Morgan, Justin Keniston, Desiree Melancon, Matty Mo, Durell Williams, Josh Bishop, Maxwell Carl Scott, Austin Leonard, Headwrap, Torrey Lyons, Jordan Emerson, Jordan Michilot, Aidan Flanagan, Billy Mackey, Luke Hepler, Cody B, Brandon Larson, Jonas, and Danimals.

  • Aidan

    WFTC!!!! I Don’t know whos more of a boss Justin Fronius or Rick Ross?

  • most anticipated movie of the year, for me anyway… Jon stark doesn’t dissapoint..

  • Buckshot

    Justin fronius is really fucking good at snowboarding. Rapping on the other hand…

  • Fronius’s raps are dirtier than a cheap hooker

  • Johnny Cash

    fUck YeAh


  • matt

    fronius, jordon emerson, kent leng.
    holy shit

  • ….

    ERMERSON AND FRONIUS straight merking, hard!

  • tristan

    .Fronius is to good!

  • Holy SantaClaus Shit. Tristan, Blake, Jordan and Fronius.

  • chad dickwick

    tristan sadler whatchu know!

  • yoyougotfruit

    Holy shit that was good

    Scorpion of the year award, that was nuts

  • jack

    where’s coles fall. i want to see that funny shit

  • bobby

    Justin Fronius is PHAT….Rick Ross is just FAT!!!!

  • Minty Shorn

    YoBeat should make a bigger deal of this movie. It is better than all of the other “random” full movies.

  • feels cheap.

    the riding is fantastic, but the filming needs soooo much work.

  • Toby

    Exlusive WFTC Interview Coming Soon!

  • LURK


  • Former Student

    Hell yeah working for the city! Blew away all expectations.

  • steele


  • matt

    feels cheap.:
    thats because they had no budget, you rahtard. and its jons first movie. i agree though, could have been better filmed and edited for how muany good shots they had

  • smokethclound

    straight bangers and hammers. legit!

  • Skilmeragain

    Aidan flanagan creeping on tha come up

  • roobs

    if we could just get jordans part exported so i can just watch that on repeat that would be great thanks

  • dollarmenu


  • yeeeeee

    BLAKE AND FRONIUS!!! yeah killing it! hyland homies.
    great film jon!

  • joc


  • Bridgin gaps! Stark is on fire. Cult classic.

  • Blue River

    Not bad

  • wftc bro

  • wish i didnt see both videograss movies before this

    sik shit tho

  • da da da

    just watched this instead of capita’s defenders of awesome in my 1 hour of free time for the day. its THAT GOOD.

  • milksteak

    looks like some serious up and comers in that flick. good work.

  • poo


  • blacksnowboarder

    that kid Ian Doods has such good style!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I only i knew how to only bend one kneee!

  • MN

    Aidan Flanagan comin upp!!

  • Minty Shorn

    So when you scroll down the page, the embedded video of WFTC doesn’t show up. This needs to be fixed…quickly.

  • Logan MN

    I was expecting this movie to be good, that was fucking awesome. Fronius is a beast.

  • Dougy Fresh