Under Review: VG Presents “Shoot the Moon”


You should own Videograss’s Shoot the Moon. It’s got talent, attitude and a vibe of destruction. As director Justin Meyer put it, “This isn’t mother approved.” Dirks’ part alone will get you grounded. But, your eyes will open to a whole new world of urban destruction. What else could you want? How about a bonus movie by Bryan Fox and Scotty Wittlake. Yeah, seriously. For ten bucks, you’d be stupid not to have your own copy.

Overall Grade: A

Notes: Why does Shoot the Moon deserve an A grade? Because it comes with a bonus movie, an insane roster, incredible creativity, Jed Anderson, a great soundtrack and a performance only this crew can deliver.

Burn or Buy: Buy. Two movies, one price. Oh, and Scotty Wittlake.

The Rundown:

Louif Paradis
Instead of inventing new tricks, Louif is now inventing ways to hit the urban sprawl. His X-games real snow stuff is in there, his banger could have put him in a body cast and he seriously makes the upper echelons of tech wizardly look too damn easy. Just wait for the nosepress-gap-5050.
*Frank April Guests shots are no joke. Way to take advantage of the moment.

Will Tuddenham
Hope snowboarding pays off, because Will is going to need some new knees. That said, whoever’s paying the bills over at Nitro and L1 should give Will a fucking raise. Kid has officially arrived. Everything is high on the death factor, the gaps are huge and the bangers are fucked.

Jordan Mendenhall
First shot was a hard slam, then things picked up. Jordan reminds us why he’s been pro all these years and why he still has a thing or two to teach us. With enough hipster bullshit to drive up the Urban Outfitters stock, Jordan just delivered one of his best parts ever.

Jake OE
Doesn’t tie his boots, doesn’t use high backs, rarely uses gloves, doesn’t give a fuck and seems immune to cold. None of it makes sense, but all of it is awesome to watch. You’ll love this part for the unique spin Jake puts on everything, and for having the best hand plant in snowboarding.

Dan “Danimal” Liedahl
Welcome to the future. There’s not a lot to say about his part other than, “Wow.” Watching Dan you can literally see what direction snowboarding is headed in. Bigger, badder, more tech.

Nick Dirks
Last year, femur snapped. This year, brain snapped. The tattoo covered, beard having, chain smoking, Budweiser guzzling wild child has a special gift. He’s good enough that each shot screams, “Fine, I’ll fucking film but then we get to go to the bar.” But let’s be honest, you’re going to remember this part because it just doesn’t make sense. Smoking on a plane? Jumping a camel? Graveyard powder runs? Embrace the moments of madness people.

Chris Grenier
There’s really nothing bad you could say about this kid or this part. It’s creative as hell. Packed with attitude. Unique and original. Everything he shoots has a personal style to it. Oh, and this is Grendy’s best part ever. Real must see TV shit. Double flips, rail fuckery and the style is heavy.

Johnny Miller & LNP
Lots of hair. Like, girls locker room levels. But, there is also a ledge that if you were to fall I’m 99% sure you’d just die. It’s really scary just to see on TV. Your body might explode even.

Justin Bennee
Justin Bennee has transcended Technine to become a style guru of his own ilk. He gets better every year. He still owns the nollie, still likes knifes and even after breaking his face all those years ago still loves rails with a big, concrete drop off.

Gus Engle
Still weird, still Alaskan, still gnarly. He might not stop smiling. He might ride to a goofy song. But, I think we’ve all come to accept that Gus has a pension for danger that takes more talent than most to get away with.

Jon Kooley
Best opening shot I’ve seen in a long time. Besides that it’s the same old Kooley we’ve known for years, which isn’t a bad thing at all. His style is still top of the class. He’s still tech, and not afraid of rails with consequence. Seriously though, the opening shot is awesome.

Darrell Mathes
Still a ladies man. Still in the streets. Still blowing minds. Watch for two wall rides you won’t see anywhere else. The ability to jump a snowboard in both the backcountry and busy streets. And of course, outfit inspiration for all you fashion show freaks out there.

Zac Marben
Methods and mustaches. This is Zac’s best part ever. Don’t argue, just watch it. It’s seriously fucked up. He goes up rails. He jumps down rails. He slides down rails. He spins onto rails. He spins off of rails. He does whatever the fuck he wants and it’s all amazing. And then he goes into the backcountry and says, “Fuck it, I’m giong to do a double cork or two.”

Jonas Michilot
Jokes, cigs, gaps and hair. At some point Jonas says, “Psych! Oh, shit I’m sorry.” and starts laughing. That pretty much sums it up. He can’t just do “a” trick anymore. Everything needs a variation, a tweak, a spin, a revert, a jam, a holy shit did he just wallride to a rail? Chalk this up to another, “Best part of his career.”

Jed Anderson
Jed can’t even fall right. He just lands on his feet. He also can’t act gangster that well, I guess that’s the harsh reality of being a Canadian child. You know what though? It doesn’t matter, because just like last year, and the year before that, Jed filmed a part that puts anything you’ve ever done to shame. Maybe someday someone else will get to close a video Jed is in, but that day might be a decade away.


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  1. hater skater
    hater skater says:

    best movies i’ve seen this year and the best videograss has releeased. If it had a good part from nima I would have been extatic

  2. yourdad
    yourdad says:

    I’m sure Justin Benee is a sweet dude and all, but he is clearly a few steps behind everybody else. Bunch of nollies and a cab 270, year after year.

    In other news, Danimals nosepress back 3 and Jonas lipslide gap to flat might have been my two most favorite shots ever.

  3. ronnie coleman
    ronnie coleman says:

    louifs part was amazing they were all good except nick dirks, that one will gets the skip button every time..and kooley..i like him but god damn every single one of his parts is the EXACT same. I guess he peaked in shakedown

  4. whoops
    whoops says:

    Bennee kills it. Think about style. Just because he didn’t back 3 onto a kink doesn’t mean he’s not killing it. You’re blowing it.

  5. ronnie coleman
    ronnie coleman says:

    bennee does shred and i like his style but it really seems forced sometimes. he also hasnt learned a new trick since his first part but he does have a boss nollie. Also this wasnt really a review, it was just pure praise..darell mathes should spend less time doing lifestyle ads and more time progressing as well

  6. hater skater
    hater skater says:

    @ ronnie: darrel’s urban rodeo thing or whatever you want to cal his ender was not progressive at all right??

  7. ronnie coleman
    ronnie coleman says:

    haha you guys are hiliarous…no that was not progressive at all people have been doing shit like that for YEARS on much bigger shit with high consequence…that was a tiny jump in the streets. Who cares what dirks was trying in the intro..he didnt do it. and even if he did..he still sucks

  8. hater skater
    hater skater says:

    well tell me where I can see an off-axis flip in the streets and I’ll shut up..regardless darrell and kooley have nothing to prove anymore, they have already progressed jibbing like few before them

  9. da da da
    da da da says:

    this was a dope movie for sure but i don’t agree with much of this accept for the A rating. Dirks part was weak, i know he’s a much better rider than that and Jonas and Jake OE were my two favorite parts by far. I hadn’t really even liked either of them before this video. jonas’ boardslide 270 japan was next level and jakes kink gap to a ledge..holy shit hurts my knees to watch

  10. shredface
    shredface says:

    I was disappointed with Dirks’ part. he hasn’t had a good part since keep talkin’. I know he’s been battling injuries, but i thought he might have a one cool trick. i guess there’s always next year. darrell is cool guy and i really liked his part but i don’t think his last trick is that big of a deal. he and every other pro has been doing that for years.

  11. speed king
    speed king says:

    different strokes for different folks…everyone is good.

    shoot the man is obviously targeted towards the urban shites. and these guys are the best of the best.

  12. yoyougotfruit
    yoyougotfruit says:

    Fuck all yall that shit was crazy, I couldnt stop watching, still cant.
    @minnesotanice I completely agree

    Danimals, Jake OE, and Jonas all made me pee myself and the rest all made me cry, DAMN GOOD

    and jeds save made my life

  13. ronnie coleman
    ronnie coleman says:

    @hater skater johnnie paxon in hard to earn..and it was 100 times gnarlier..that was one of the many others that have been done

  14. Dirk
    Dirk says:

    Hold on. Am I missing something? When I check on itunes, you don’t get a bonus video of ‘the rascals’. is that just in the Canadian store. Is ‘The Rascals’ only with the DVD?

  15. Stufart
    Stufart says:

    as if there are tricks that are in or out, “Alright Justin, the kids don’t think nollies are cool anymore, can you 3 on to this burly handrail so kids can look up to you again and we can get paid”
    fuck yourself faggot poser

    also even though I could never do half the stuff in the movie, its not inspiring man. Its the same old shit over and over again.

    JakeOE, Gus and Jed deffinitly blew my fucking socks off though. That shit was funky

  16. llama
    llama says:

    Am I he only one that doesn’t think jed deserved ender?
    aside from the opening shot and the closer there wasn’t really anything that stands out in my mind from the whole part. It seemed like he wasn’t really trying this year. Maybe its just me but I think jonas should have gotten it.

  17. hater skater
    hater skater says:

    jed’s part deserved ender, it’s just that we have gotten used to him by now I think. As far as not trying goes, I’m sure that is the case cause the kid is just raw talent.

  18. Sweater Puppets
    Sweater Puppets says:

    Jake OE/danimals part was pretty tight. the last 3 parts made the whole movie. I really enjoyed Zac Marben and jed’s part but jonas’ was the best part of the whole movie.

  19. matt
    matt says:

    llama i will kill you. switch back lip, triple kink… switch back 270, large downrail, completely perfect.
    you are retarded.

    as for jonas, zac, jake oe, danimals. you minnesota kids are too fucking good, and should quit because you make me feel like a bitch due to the style you ooze out.
    shoot the moon is the shit

  20. cn
    cn says:


    Take another look at jed’s part, he links together some incredibly sick lines, and has a switch shot or two that will blow your mind. I think this year he took a step back and realized there is value in simplicity and cleanliness. i think he deserved ender

  21. Hash Slinging Slasher
    Hash Slinging Slasher says:

    the one thing i don’t like about it is how all the songs just fade out at the end. not really feeling it… one thing transworld did really well was matching the tricks to the beat of the songs and i thought it was sick. just saying.

  22. cole st martin
    cole st martin says:

    what do i have to do to get into the movie next year, seriously i can dump the dick at any time if need be.

  23. clifford
    clifford says:

    JEDS ENDER is one of the best things ever to be done on a snowboard. Switch backlip on a triple kink. The same kink that jp walker boardslid as his ender last year. WWWWWWOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWEEEEeeeeooooooo

  24. Schleg!
    Schleg! says:

    Jed did deserve ender. Opening line was all creeper rails, last shot was ridiculous, and he destroyed that gap to rail. He went for a different style than last year as you can tell from the b shots. Skate influenced is pretty cool.

  25. matt D
    matt D says:

    of course YoBeat wouldn’t even say one little negative thing about this movie. biased? easily. Gus engles song? c’mon now…

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