Snowboarders on Instagram

Instagram is easily the coolest thing since Twitter. If you’re not familiar with the “quirky” photo sharing service by now, you either don’t have an iPhone, or are dead. Just in case though, it’s where hipsters post pictures of their cats and plane rides and put filters on them to make it look “artsy.” Since owning mac products is practically a requirement for being a professional snowboarder these days, you can be sure the many of the coolest pros are all over the ‘gram and you can follow them and live vicariously through their images. If you’re looking for some sweet dudes (and dudettes) to follow, look no further, as we’ve made a list!

[instapress userid=”hadeslife” piccount=”4″ size=”150″]

Laura Hadar
Handle: hadeslife
What you’ll see: Vacation pics, stuff that makes you jealous.
Frequency of posts: Multiple times a day

[instapress userid=”dannykass” piccount=”4″ size=”150″]

Danny Kass
Handle: dannykass
What you’ll see: Scandalous photos of the Dingo, hot babes and corny jokes.
Frequency of posts: All the fucking time

[instapress userid=”shayneposs” piccount=”4″ size=”150″]

Shayne Pospisil
Handle: shayneposs
What you’ll see: Scenes from the Jersey shore, and probably snowboarding, once the season starts
Frequency of posts: Sporadic, yet regular.

[instapress userid=”seanablack” piccount=”4″ size=”150″]

Sean Black
Handle: seanablack
What you’ll see: Blurry photos of all your favorite Utah boarders, and Pat Fenelon.
Frequency of posts: Clearly depends on how bored he is.

[instapress userid=”tjschneider” piccount=”4″ size=”150″]

Tj Schneider
Handle: tjschneider
What you’ll see: Art, bro.
Frequency of posts: TJ has been posting hard and fast for awhile now.

[instapress userid=”leannepelosi” piccount=”4″ size=”150″]

Leanne Pelosi
handle: leannepelosi
What you’ll see: Food, exotic locations and random Canadian stuff.
Frequency of posts: It actually looks like Leanne is bored with Instagram now, but you never know.

[instapress userid=”peetard” piccount=”4″ size=”150″]

Peter Line
Handle: peetard
What you’ll see: Weird shit, man.
Frequency of posts: Rare, but always exciting.

[instapress userid=”highpoweredstreetdrugs” piccount=”4″ size=”150″]

Corey Smith
Handle: highpoweredstreetdrugs
What you’ll see: Artsy stuff, snowboard wasteoids and hot LA babes.
Frequency of posts: Multiples at a time, multiple times a day.

[instapress userid=”think_thank” piccount=”4″ size=”150″]

Think Thank
Handle: think_thank
What you’ll see: We assume this one is actually Burtner, which means it may be pictures of the lovely Pica or shots of shots from whatever he’s working on.
Frequency of posts: Regular enough you won’t forget about him.

[instapress userid=”btoddrichards” piccount=”4″ size=”150″]

Todd Richards
Handle: btoddrichards
What you’ll see: Embarrassing pictures of sidekick Mike, surfing, and shots of whatever album he is listening to, as if anyone cares.
Frequency of posts: Depends on his mood.

[instapress userid=”jjthomas_” piccount=”4″ size=”150″]

JJ Thomas
Handle: jjthomas_
What you’ll see: Whatever extreme activity he’s participating in at the time
Frequency of posts: As often as he gets extreme.

[instapress userid=”seangenovese” piccount=”4″ size=”150″]

Sean Genovese
Handle: seangenovese
What you’ll see: Mousetraps, shadows and artsy stuff.
Frequency of posts: Enough.

[instapress userid=”drink_water” piccount=”4″ size=”150″]

Austin Smith
handle: drink_water
What you’ll see: Drink water propaganda.
Frequency of posts: Not frequent at all, in fact.

[instapress userid=”terje_haakonsen” piccount=”4″ size=”150″]

Terje Haakonsen
Handle: terje_haakonsen
What you’ll see: Who cares, it’s Terje. Just follow him.
Frequency of posts: When it matters.

While you’re following, may we also recommend Yobeat staff members @nicklipton @brookegeery @jaredsouney and @patfenelon. We’re really hip.

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  1. Jamie
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    this isn’t a complete list Mason Aguirre isn’t on here and there are a few more that got instagram in the past couple of days…

  2. alancia
    alancia says:

    Soom one had hacked into my instagram account and change the password and start putting bad thingss onn my bio that was not me I try to see what’s the password but iy still not correct how can I delete the whole thing

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