Tantalize Mini Teaser


Micro teaser for a snowboard movie of some sort.

Board Riding: Nick Niebes, Corinne Pasela, Alex Yost, Bryan Scott, Michael Campbell

Filming/Editing: Steve Nemeth

  • barry

    where’s fraher?

  • ayocron


  • ble

    haha that kid has braces!

  • cool!


  • poopdick

    fraher was too cool for ohio this winter barry.

  • rococo

    hey it’s swivel master, but he’s laying hammers down now!

  • seanb

    are these the same guys who did the martini video?

  • uh

    no they are not, but some of the peeps just started workin at martini

  • that one slut

    i want every single rider in this video to put it in me! including the chick!



  • This was a great tease.

  • matt

    now I definitly dont want to ride ohio

  • wakaflackatina

    ^ “that one slut”

  • tinasferdayz

    ^ i’m the hottie who nosepressed that quad kink baby. i bet you can lipslide a rail all proper and shit 😉

  • rico


  • that was pretty hip

  • Thoff

    Fuck yeah Ohio!

  • squares

    looks wizard.


    these guys are rad,
    and the tricks are mad.
    ; D

  • shit looks legit…hope the whole video looks just as good!

  • guy who left the number, probably gunna get a lot of weird calls

  • thug

    sooner or later kids who make movies will use their own ideas for snowboard films

  • sooner or later a video from ohio might actually come out….

  • turd ferg


  • og

    feels a little, nah, a lot familiar…

  • go

    ^to what?

  • _______

    i feel some hostility from thug. wonder who that could be. sooner or later your gonna realize that the kids who are respected in this town are the ones who fucking respect others. thats why everyone hates you thug. your an asshole to everyone you talk to.