DAMAGE’s Exclusive Viktor Simco Interview!

Our pals at Damage in Duluth caught up with Viktor Simco for a super exclusive, groundbreaking interview full of such pressing questions as:

D: Alright – Jenna Jameson, Yoda, and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine…
You gotta fuck one, marry one, and kill one. Go.
V: I’d probably let Yoda give me a BJ, Hugh Jackman… probably try to kill him but he’d fuck me up… And Jenna Jameson… probably take her to the house. Catch some disease that hasn’t been created yet.

There are also random videos that we would probably understand if we actually watched them. Anyway, check it out and get some insight into the wild world of this MN up and comer.

link: http://damageduluth.blogspot.com

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