The Art of Flight Super World Premiere

story and photos by Upstate Mike

Last week i was given the dubious honor of attending the WORLD PREMIERE of “The Art of Flight” at the Beacon Theatre in NYC. Since I have moved on from the big shitty, I was psyched to get back and see my friends, as well as check out the spectacle that was to be this event. After attending basically every premiere in NYC in the past 4 years, I fully knew it was going to be a shit show. A bunch of skanks, a couple actual snowboarders, a pro or two, but mostly a bunch of toolbags with no reason to be there. With this movie, I expected it to be the worst of all time…especially since I heard that tickets were selling on Craigslist for $80. To see a fucking snowboard video! Idiots.

The coolest place to be, bro.

I was actually mildly surprised at how many people, and who, came out, however. The place was totally packed, including the balcony that I’m pretty sure Ab Lincoln got shot on. Everyone from Justin Timberlake, to Darrell Mathes, to local NYC dirtbags, to a whole lot of toolbags in suits were out in full force. What surprised me the most though, was the complete lack of enthusiasm that was showed by this audience. At most premieres it’s a whole lot of beer drinking, cheering, clapping, and name-calling. Not this one. Not at some snobby movie theatre on the Upper West Side, where beers are $9 and the people working there looked disgusted that they had to serve people other than old rich Jewish ladies. There was only mild-mannered applause, with the exception of drunk some jock from New Jersey that was directly behind me screaming that “T-RICE IS MY HOMEBOY!! KILL THAT SHIT T-RICE YEAHHHH.” Whoever you are, I hate you, and I’m pretty sure Travis is not your homeboy.

Just a buncha bros and their helicopter.

I really, really wanted to hate this video. I did. It’s just so easy to hate on. Helicopters, crappy electronic music, neon outerwear, and Red Bull. Done. But it’s hard to not respect the amount of time and money they have put into it. A lot of the shots probably cost at least $5000 and took a few days to shoot, which is fucked. I respect that. I get pissed when I buy a tank of gas, drive an hour, and don’t get a shot. I can’t imagine having a pack of helicopters and planes following me around in the middle of nowhere after a week of waiting for the right snow, and then maybe getting a shot or two. I also respected the tricks that went down — some crazy backcountry stuff that I will never, ever see in my lifetime. Seriously next level shit. Everyone in this video is amazing at snowboarding.

Did you hear they had a helicopter?

But you cannot call this a snowboard video. It’s basically a Warren Miller ski movie about snowboarding. It didn’t get me psyched, in fact my ADD kicked in after Travis Rice was narrating about some town they stayed at and how ghetto it is, straight up Warren Miller style. I think what appealed to me the least, besides all of the dubstep and super slow-mo helicopter shots, was the fact that 99% of kids will never be able to ride that shit. This is what makes videos like Ice Coast Kills Shit, Videograss, and Keep The Change so fun to watch…the fact that kids can watch it, and picture themselves doing that trick someday or hitting that rail, and then go out and try to make it happen.

This guy just got done trading stocks and now he’s gotta wait in line like the rest of the schmucks.

After any premiere, of course comes the after party. This is where everyone really tries to outdo the next guy. I’ve been to a lot of corny after parties in my day, and this one was right up there. Companies: when you are looking for an after party spot, please keep your clientele in mind and try to make it somewhere they would actually go to. I’m pretty sure dudes that snowboard wouldn’t go to the Stone Rose, a cheesy ass club in a mall on the Upper West Side.

After party view.

When we got to the party, there was a huge line outside because it was “closed to VIP only until midnight.” But this line consisted of many of the riders in the movie, and other very important people in the snowboard industry (excluding myself.) This a red flag that a real shitty time is ahead of you. After I was given a stolen wristband from some chick so I could cut the line, I walked past the heavy security inside to find a scene straight out of Shredder’s lair in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…crappy 90’s art, cheesy red and purple lighting, and a mini-ramp in the club. I didn’t stay long, but it seemed like people were regardless having a great time thanks to the free drinks and good music. I got to watch Billy Rohan and dudes from 5Boro kill it in the mini, gave JF Pelchat a high five because we were both finally in, had a couple free beers, and walked my ass to the train.


The production quality of The Art of Flight is extremely impressive. The snowboarding is just as impressive. The amount of money put into the world premiere is even more impressive. Should you buy this video? Maybe. You should at least let your friend that’s kind of a tool but he’s a good dude buy it, then watch it. Defintely. Will I buy this video? Nope. I like to get psyched to go ride after watching a video, not bummed that I will never ride in a helicopter. I saw it once and that’s cool with me. But thanks for the free hangover!


Elvis Costello???

MTV News was there…probably because JT’s S500 and bodyguard were right out front.

Jack Luke Mitrani was killing it…

Told you he was killing it.

Shot girls are not a bad time.

5Boro’s Danny Falla handling business while being yelled out by drunk chicks.

Hey lady, no one wants to give you a fucking high five!

Pat Moore and babe.

This should be a real treat…

I thought if I made it blurry it might look alittle less corny. Nope.

shit show.

It’s all fun and games until someone shows up in mandals.

  • snowboarding

    definitely some unneeded shots in that video. john jackson is the boss though

  • Damn, well at least in Seattle there were snowboarders and tons of screaming and recognition for the snow stunts. Audio was so loud that you couldn’t hear Warren Rice narration, and that was fine with me.

  • Shredface

    Yobeat reviewing this is a little silly. This movie is not for yobeat readers, But it was better than tita. Better riding, better filming and a better storyline. you should buy it. The riding is so good that it will be worth skipping all the talking to get to the goods. That being said that premiere was stupid. Totally worth watching on the big screen, but wine should not be served at a snowboard premiere. And neither should there be business suits, club wear or heels. They should be trying to bring snowboarding in all it’s glory and flaws to the mainstream not the mainstream to snowboarding.

  • ChrisBrown

    Sweet write up. Im a fan.
    It was no TITA and wasnt better than TITA. Hopefully the 3rd blows TITA out of the water. I need something new to watch the night before first day of the season.


    I did not attend said premiere, however I did purchase via Itunes. What a long movie. T.I.T.A. and the Community Project had more snowboarding in it. Yes the riding was insane and the tricks were done bigger than in T.I.T.A. What makes me think that these guys party more than they ride is that it took them two years to film roughly 30 minutes of snowboarding. A good friend of mine lives next to Blauvelt and from the horses mouth he said that they were down filming that Chile junk weeks before the premiere. Why? because the story line made no sense? Probably because they didn’t have enough footage for all the hype behind this overproduced jock fest. Patagonia was the stupidest thing I have ever seen anyone ride. Besides a handrail (sorry jibbers). So my overall impression is that it is a long movie with some progressive snowboarding. If it gets video of the year I will be dissapointed. Defenders of Awesome made me want to ride. Art of Flight makes me want to quit snowboarding. Not because it doesn’t make me want to shred but that it makes snowboarding look unreachable for 99.9% of the world . Sorry but my daddy isn’t a patroller at Jackson and I had to buy my pass. That said I still have rode plenty of Alaskan lines all without the use of heli and a sponsor. Kids follow your dreams move away from the ice coast and midwest and ride mountains. Because thats what its all about boarding on snow, not emulating skate moves. You can’t do a bluntslide or 5-0 strapped in.

  • james

    thats luke not jack..



  • minnesotanice

    Abe Lincoln got shot in DC, learn your history.

  • Sam

    Mandals callout! Oh!

  • ….

    damn now i dont know if i want to drive 30 minuts to sf and pay fifteen dollars to see this now

  • Enrique

    Unlike the author of this article, this movie got me totally stoked to ride and it motivated me to go heli-riding someday. The claim that other videos are more fun to watch because you can imagine yourself doing the trick in the video, and then you can go find the rail in the video is so fucking retarded. I want to watch impressive tricks I can’t do, that are filmed perfectly in parts of the world I may never get to see for myself. There was more narrating than I care for in this movie, but if you can’t enjoy it overall then you need to lighten the fuck up. Best $10 I’ve spent in a long time.

  • Blah

    Now that was shitty read.

  • Gnarls Shredley

    What a smug review! Man, you gotta be a. a hipster or b. a scene kid. What’s up with the apathy? “I’ll never ride in a helicopter” Dude. It’s 899 CAD for a day out in whistler back country. If you can’t afford that and if you’re that passionate about the sport, you need to sort your life out. The movie was amazing, and has me stoked to do heli drops this winter. I ride all summer long in an indoor dome riding rails and boxes, salivating at the idea of proper mountains for 1 month a year as we don’t get snow where I live. I can see your point with the post event organisation and all the suits turning up. But dude, lighten up man.

  • Gnarls Shredley

    Oh and I bet you keep an ironic mustache

  • yoyougotfruit

    it sucked, straight up

    dont wunna hear preaching from travis rice, nor will this movie change your life

    I do want to see crazy riding

  • DOdijdW

    What Enrique and Gnarls said. I don’t get how this movie could possible NOT get somebody stoked to ride. Just imagining riding some of the shit they ride in this video makes my head explode with stoke.

  • burnzkid

    After reading the TW article where T.Rice says that TITA was just beta testing for this, I flipped shit. I was looking forward to the most ridiculous riding I’ve seen in my life, with just enough nature shots and documentary-type footage to make it interesting, amazing visual effects (COLOR CHANGING PANTS), some humor, etc. What TAOF delivered was not even close to what TITA accomplished. It was a documentary about the making of a snowboard movie that would rival TITA, not the snowboard movie that would rival TITA. Where was the hours of riding? Where were the 300+ riders and locations in the movie? Where was my sarcastic intro? WHERE WERE MY DAMN COLOR CHANGING PANTS?! It could have turned out a lot better, if they focused more on delivering the riding, instead of delivering the story. It was a great movie, and I enjoyed watching it, but it definitely was not what I was expecting.

  • Scott

    yeah brooke get this mopey hipster off this site and have someone who actually enjoys and respects snowboarding writing the articles. This was one of the most inspiring and jaw dropping movies i’ve ever seen. Just another example of some washed up never-was writing an article thinking he used to and wishing he was still “that good” to keep up with trice, john j an landvik in jus the first shot of them movie. Go bag to sleazin around wherever your from and being miserable.

  • Chuck Schick

    Not that great. Mostly helicopters filming helicopters, and painfully slow slow mo. Needed more snowboarding.

  • hoebeat

    I agree with you on a lot of this, but if you dont know the difference between Luke and Jack Mitrani you dont have the knowledge to be writing anything about snowboarding.

  • what the shit is TITA

  • whoops…guess i don’t gaze at the pictures of the mitrani’s faces all over my bedrooms walls enough.

  • fuck dubstep.

  • clayton bigsby

    Gnarls Shredley you must be a spoiled idiot… I am passionate about snowboarding and have my life sorted out, but unfortunately can’t afford heli trips to the whistler back country like 95% of snowboarders out there… not everyone is blessed with a trust fund so enjoy your heli trips and smelling your own farts all winter bro!!!


    OK, time to get over ourselves and ASK THE REAL QUESTION. Was Boznuts at this thing, or what?

  • hoebeat

    No mike you dont, cause your too busy on yobeat watching crappy mini park edits or hating on snowboarding you cant do. Why watch snowboarding you can do? Why not just go and do it?

  • clayton bigsby

    boznuts was prob too busy boofing E pills

  • Billy

    Yobeat has and always will be gay as fuck



  • burnzkid

    @Gnarboots That’s It, That’s All


    So this is how it went… Upstate jerkoff couldn’t get his hands on any tickets to the premier. Probably because he has no place in this industry. So, Upstate asks himself, how can I possibly get my dumb ass into this awesome premier with a bunch of cool pro snowboarders who’s names I cant remember because I smoked too many beaster nugs this week. Upstate then contacts YoBeat offering to lend his horrible writing style in exchange for a nose bleed ticket to the premier. He then goes to the premier and proceeds to take creepy photos of Pat Moore and his girlfriend’s ass. Upstate Mike, YOU are the toolbag with no reason to be anywhere.

  • Gerg!

    Can we at least all agree that Redbull has a fuckton of money? Their revenue from this past year was roughly twice the entire snowboard industry!! Now I am going to proceed to buy a Monster energy drink to be more core…

  • Chris

    Awsome movie, I watched it three times when I got it

  • petertroy

    wow Gnarls Shredley. You really know how to make yourself sound like a dick. Get Bent you non contributing zero.

  • Stan Darsh

    While I don’t agree with everything Upstatemaike said in the interview, he wrote it as his REVIEW. People on here are just whining.

    Write your own review and then get it posted somewhere. Otherwise, stop complaining.

    Overall, interesting read, even if I don’t totally agree.

  • Gnarls Shredly

    Ok ok ok ok. I have no trust fund. And I grew up poor… for clarification, 899 for a day of helidrops is so worth it and what I was saying is if you can’t justify spending that amount poor or rich then you shouldn’t be writing articles on snowboarding… But still smugly written! Come at me bros

  • yoyougotfruit

    I mean, It was his article, maybe yall could send in your reviews, could be some damn good dick riding right there, rejected reviews maybe?
    Personally thought it was a good review and agreed with it 100%
    The first picture and caption is hilarious.

  • fartsaucelarry

    i think the bitterness of the article was because clearly from the pictures get anywhere close to timberlake to get a pic which is an fail of biblical proportions said you name dropped timberlakes name like a boost mobile commercial

  • fartsaucelarry

    wow meant to write the author didnt get anywhere close….sorry

  • Cha Boy

    I thought this article was really good, couldn’t have summed it up any better myself.

  • ryan k

    if there weren’t color changing pants, i dont want to watch it.

  • Petertroy

    hey downstate. Did you go to the premier?

  • Pancho

    Upstate Mike, you are an idiot. Snowboarding has grown up and so have most of the professionals who have been riding most likely longer than you have been alive. There is nothing hardcore or even remotely cool about snowboarding anymore, you can try to blame Shaun White and The Olympics for that, but don’t even try to talk shit on Travis Rice, John Jackson, Lando or anyone else involved in this movie. Just because grown men that know how to dress appropriately for a big event don’t fall into your version of what a snowboarder should be, that doesn’t make them any less of a snowboarder than you. The movie set out to do what it intended: bring snowboarding to a more mainstream audience by trying to tell a story. It’s 2011, time to grow up man.

  • Pancho

    And by the way, the audience was louder than any premiere I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to pretty much all of them… since 1995. Quit spreading lies to try and make your cynical review of the evening more credible.

  • adam

    you haters are fucking hilarious, you stalk the writer of the article and then talk shit about the kid. He must interest you somehow for you to follow his writing so hard as well as have so much info on him. Why don’t you go ride and quit bitching? Also, if you hate yobeat why read it? Also pancho, you are a tool, get off the internet and go snowboard, who the fuck has been to every premiere since ’95?

  • Sam

    Did you say you wanted to read some totally hilarious? No? I thought not. But I’m going to post it anyways. Thousand times better than all these comments:

  • Gnarls Shredley

    @Adman forgot to take his ritallin today it seems

  • pancho = rehtard

    Upstate Mike is older than the dudes in the video, he’s like 30.

    And he never said those guys are not good. The opposite actually:

    ” I also respected the tricks that went down — some crazy backcountry stuff that I will never, ever see in my lifetime. Seriously next level shit. Everyone in this video is amazing at snowboarding.”

    Learn to read.

    And Travis Rice doesn’t know how to dress…his dressy outfit was something a high school kid would wear to the homecoming dance. It was embarrassing.

  • hagfish

    Pancho has been to every premier since 1995. ALL OF THEM.
    I think he knows his shit ok?

  • fartsaucelarry

    these comments are the best….you are all tools and the people on this website is whats wrong with snowboarding……upstate mike has been riding since most of you were goo in your dads ballbag. His review is purely entertainment…chill the fuck out.

  • Pancho

    @adam People that have been to pretty much all the snowboard video premieres since 1995 are the ones who actually work in the industry and get paid to do their job. And I think this site as a whole is great, I’ve never said anything negative about yobeat. In fact, this was my first (and only) time I have commented here. This article was just so disrespectful to people that are progressing the industry that I couldn’t hold back.

    @pancho = rehtard If this guy is 30 years old then he’s even dumber than I originally thought. You should probably learn to read closer as well, as I never suggested that he said the riders in the film “were not good”. I said that he’s talking shit about them, which he clearly is.

  • the level of riding was so crazy. just like tita, it won’t be topped until the next travis rice project.

  • pancho = rehtard

    At what point did he talk shit on the riders? Maybe I missed something here?

    This video is not progressing snowboarding. It’s just making it more appealing to moms. The young bucks out there bustin their bags in the streets are what’s progressing snowboarding. Not Red Bull. Not RED cameras. And certainly not voice-overs.

    “Welcome to my world….the world of making myself look like an asshole on TV”

  • samson

    what a worthless fucking review

    you watch professional athletes to see them push the limits of the sport. not to say “i could have done that” after every trick

    awful journalism from a guy who wanted to hate the movie before he even heard of it

  • Tre Squad

    This guy is a tool, the movie was fucking epic and he knows it. this reviewer need to realize that as badly as he wants it to be, snowboarding is not “core” anymore, it was core back in the glory days of Blunt Mag. If you wanna be core ride a skateboard, if you wanna respect amazing riding from a great dude, watch Flight.

  • clayton bigsby


  • whatsthefussabout?

    He never said anything about the video really. He just said what most of us are thinking about the video…It for sure doesn’t live up to the hype, but its worth a watch!

    And everyone knows that premiere’s are always a mess because everyones wasted. Not big news!

  • Adrian

    Awesome review mike.

  • MRKD

    He never said anything bad about the riding
    He said the premiere was stupid and broish
    Which we all knew it would be if T Rice was welcoming us to his world of red bulls

  • shaveyourmustache

    You like watching movies involving mediocre snowboarding? seeing street and park rails be “slayed” with tricks that were being done in the first Nixon Jibfest? I bet you hate every band that has more than 200 fans on facebook. You make me sick. Go drink another pabst blue ribbon and roll another cigarette because you don’t want to conform.