Swag Surfin’ with Footyfiend


Some lost shots from spring in Blackcomb.

Featuring Wes Wittenbols, Mark Goodall, Gordon Birnie, Jake Fine, Kai Ujejski, and maybe even some others.


  • tyler perry

    tricks that were once hard, now seem to be easy….

  • Scott

    what i said about tight pants gypsies doesn’t apply to canadians apparently

  • Scott

    cause they rip

  • .

    FootyFiend sure looses a lot of footage. It’s all good though cause it just means I get to watch more awesome edits throughout the year.

  • who’s in all black with the k2 board? kid killed it.

  • sean

    that mark goodall hippy ass dude is pretty good.

  • Skilmeragain

    I could watch Chad burnie all dayy.