People’s Court: Tyler Haley vs Dominic Palarchio


When you are young, nothing seems more fun than lapping the local park with your friends dreaming of someday making it big. You don’t need energy drink sponsors and the coolest kits to have a good time. The two young riders in this week’s battle are a couple of young guns that are still enjoying the careless fun that comes from riding the park with your homies. Vote for you favorite and give them a chance at winning a Banshee Bungee so they can risk it all in the streets. The winner also gets some Yobeat swag so everyone else at the local hill knows how core they are.

Tyler Haley

Dominic Palarchio

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If you think these guys suck and you are way better, or you’d just like to be part of the People’s Court, send a link to your video (on vimeo or youtube, please – videos hosted on other platforms will not be be considered) with your name, address, size and a little bit about yourself to [email protected] If you’re chosen for the battle, we’ll send you an email when it goes live. Each week, the battle winner will receive a prize from the YoBeat Store. As of February 2011, the video with the single most vote each calender month will also receive a Banshee Bungee.

The People’s Court is brought to you by:

Mandatory Disclaimer: Battles are open to any amateur snowboarder. As long as you are not getting paid by any brand, you are eligible to compete. You may choose your size, but not style (prizes are given away based on availability.) Videos should be submitted by the rider, not the videographer or your asshole friends. But whatever.

  • gucci


  • Joe Cool

    Yea Dom!

  • satan

    what joe said

  • Scott

    get these fuckin tight pants nosteez gypsy fucks out of here, its ruining snowboarding. hit a jump!

  • yoyougotfruit

    holy shit look at that park rocker

  • LOG

    signal park rockers are for pussies

  • Pusha-T

    Getcho style in check my nigga dom! but yo tricks waz pretty dopesauce

  • BarD

    tyler….learn how to export footage.

  • jersey donut

    First guy wins, second guy looks like a fag, presses like a fag, rides like a fag, rides a fag snowboard

  • Luke

    i’m voting for the second guy just for the ballsy gap 270…and the bringback at the end

  • yeah

    not even close. dom can actually snowboard

  • JD

    Both are crap… Hit a jump!

  • hoodrat

    wow. learn how to press a regular camber board and ride like a man. tights pants narrow stanced banana boards are wayyyyy to trendy to be cool right now. yes the hoodrat look was super trendy a while back but kudos for at least sticking with it.

    Also, if you can spend some time at hood, you can go buy your own yobeat hoody/bungee (even though I bet mommy and daddy already bought you one (or two)).

    Tyler gets it.

  • Cha Boy

    Dom has the worst style he looks like he’s a limp dick, which he probably would enjoy

  • Cha Boy

    and theres no way anyone is counting that supposed gap 270 he just barely tapped the rail before he came off. Both those boards are whack too so I’m not counting any of the presses

  • Matt Chase

    Hey don’t listen to the haters. Both of you shred and have sick style!

  • 666

    Dom fuckin killed Tyler. ate him ALIVE.

  • G

    first guy, i fucking hate the whole gangster look but if your gonna rock it, at least have the skills/style to to do it which you do not, second one, its was pretty good but just rails and the style was a little sketchy

    and “HOODRAT”/everyone who hates on kids who go to hood, yea, theres some kids who’s parents pay their way and they don’t truly deserve to be there but just because your broke ass can’t afford it, don’t hate on them (cause we all know you would go if your parents offered too). I’ve gone there for the past three years and my first year I won the trip by winning a comp at my local mountain and the past 2 years I’ve WORKED for it, you know that thing people do instead of moping around the house hating on kids who go to hood so get off your ass, get a job, and maybe you can make it to hood

  • The only thing I enjoyed from these two videos were the plethora of incorrect aspect ratios provided in the first one.


    I swear to god these day’s kids are trying 270’s before they can even control their snowboard.

  • RonPaul is a fucking faggot

    its true

  • Jesus

    Zeach Nationals… Tied for first. Both got sponsored by Never Summer after they got to the bottom of the trail

  • aBrill

    T.HALEY alll day long 🙂 end of discussion

  • Nietzsche

    Dom killed it for sure

  • Yeah dom!

  • ellemAir

    t money wins just embrace it already


    DOMSAUCE killed it! he went to fuckin public park so all you haters should fuck off.

  • Thirsty Convoy

    Fuck em both. did not see one beer.

  • MI reppin

    There both stupid gypsy’s

  • ilkid

    dom your board makes you look gay… get a new one then come back and make a new video

  • WEAK

    I’m voting for NEITHER!!! They were weak edits both were terrible compared to last weeks!

  • jimmy p

    have another donut jersey

  • Noah S

    notice that matt chase made a nice comment because he knows what its like to be hated on in peoples court

  • Aday

    I think it’s funny that kids think doms so rich he went to hood. When he used his own money to buy a pass out there and he slept in the woods in a tent. I give props to him. Nice video Dom! Tyler hits boxes half his video. Pussy!
    Dom hands down wins.

  • Stufart

    I love snowboarding but hate other snowboarders.
    I also am scared of what other people think and love learning tricks that other people made up.
    Snowboarding is the sport for me.
    fuck this is why snowboarding sucks

  • steele

    although i hated both kids… dom recked that other kid

  • jelly filled donut

    Stufart, grow some balls you pussy

  • Herpderp

    2nd guy had better style even though he was riding a stick of margarine for a board. first guy was too sloppy. shit was all over the place.

  • Yeah Dom!

  • bagel

    dom u fucking suck learn from tyler

  • clayton bigsby

    LOUD NOISES!!!!!

  • Matt Chase

    Haha Noah yes very true. I don’t understand why people hate. Seriously, snowboarding is sick and people have different styles and if you can make it onto peoples court then you gotta be at least a lil respected. I like dubstep. A lot of people don’t. That’s my style just like Seb Toots. Look him up

  • burr

    second guy had no style, first guy wins, GUCCI!

  • Oliver W. Dixon

    I feel like this tyler cat has an army of haters that have it out for Dom. It’s kind of sad to see such hurtful language used on two kids who are just having fun. but at the same time


  • kt

    Dom has to ride at Mt. Brighton…cut him some slack.

  • the kids that are hating dont know how to snowboard period.

  • Jerm

    I had a chance to make out with Dom this summer and blew it… F____!!!!

  • Shredbitch

    He’s obviously not rich if he had to pay for most of all this… dig… sleep in a tent at Govy park… and hitch hike his way home cause he couldn’t pay for gas money. Dom rides at shit mount brighton which has a total of 12 gay ass boxes and 2 shitty hand rails. Maybe Dom is a bit sketchy and needs some tweeking but he obviously wins this one guys.

  • gopper

    alright, lets be honest. both are really good. I understand why the dom’s board is getting hated on, but if he likes to do rails, why not get a board that suits his taste? its a hard decision, but im gonna go with dom.


    swiveling boxes? reeeally??? —- this one goes to Dom, regardless of that fackin gay signal board!
    and tyler you dont know shit about gucci nigga get fucked


    Alright Gonna Have To Give This One To DOM!! GO DOM! One more thing Dum your a fucking asshole/pussy/gypsy o And you smell like a dead cat.

  • yaya

    ty forsuree

  • heshlife

    jenise is a retard.

  • ballsinmymouth

    Zeaches and baggy pants and swivels are gay, gypsies and retarted amounts of rocker also dont count.

  • Super

    Tyler has horrible steeze and needs to take his gucci shit home. Dom killed it, just needs a new board

  • I hate kids that hate on snowboarding in the end its about having fun and shredin but hater gonna hate

    p.s most hater sucks at snowboarding oh and like boys!

  • mark

    why are you guys complaining about brighton, its way better than blue mountain. tyler ftw

  • Jordan

    signal park rocker is an awful board any one wanna buy a new one for $120

  • kk

    T Haley is a damn KNOCK

  • burd

    tmoney is on next level shit y’all wait fur this season.

  • This shit is funny

    yea “t money?” im pretty sure the kid has never seen a black guy in his life.

    Dom gets my vote. he is black. and doesnt have his friends give him gay fucking nick names that they call each other at there tennis club when there done sucking each others dick.

  • a Vic


  • Murshh

    T-Money cuz hes hood wid it. stop hatin an go get $.

  • Truth

    WOW.. 49 likes on comment number 6.

    You sir, are a champ.

    22 dislikes on “Hoodrat”

    You sir are a different type of champ.

  • Daan

    F*ck that, you don’t need a Banshee Bungee, you have a motherf*cking snowpark over there you little bitches! We don’t even have mountains or hills(!) here in the Netherlands.