Snow Dice: The App

Here’s another thing to add to your get ready for the season list: download the Snow Dice app so you’ll never have to think about what trick to do again. Roll the dice and know you’re gonna throw a cab ten mute, just like that. Yes, there are options for less difficult maneuvers on this version, but we’re actually waiting for one that just tells you whether to turn heelside or toeside.

Today ‘Send it! Apps’ from Wanaka, New Zealand announces the launch of the official ‘Snow Dice’ App for snowboarders worldwide.

What is ‘Snow Dice’? Originating from the skateboard world of ‘Skate or Dice’, the game would consist of a physical set of several dice. Each pair of dice would have a variety of trick options written on it which, when rolled, would create a trick combination that the rider would get to attempt. This concept then extended into the snowboard world, and now with the release of the official ‘Snow Dice’ App on the App Store, any snowboarder with a iPhone or iPod Touch can play.

The ‘Snow Dice’ App is NOT a video game. It is designed for real snowboarders to use on the hill as they are actually snowboarding.

Using the ‘Snow Dice’ App is simple:
– Download the ‘Snow Dice’ App
– Launch the App when your out on the snow and ready to throw down
– Physically shake your iPhone to ‘Roll the Dice’
– Read out the trick that the ‘Snow Dice’ randomly selects
– Go and try the trick!

‘SNOW DICE’ : Shake – Roll – Go!

Can you only spin a 360? No worries! A huge advantage of the ‘Snow Dice’ App is the ability to choose your own difficulty settings. This means no trick is out of reach and you are in total control. With Jump and Rail modes, spins options of up to 1080’s and 8 different grab varieties – ‘Snow Dice’ has EVERYONE covered.

You’re sessioning a street rail – SNOW DICE! You want to bet 5 bucks against your buddy on the beginners jump – SNOW DICE! You’re lapping the park and want to try something different – SNOW DICE! The ‘Snow Dice’ App is aimed for any freestyle snowboarder who loves jibbing and jumping – full stop! Weekend warriors, broke snowboard bums, shred ninja’s, coaches, instructors, Am’s and Pro’s alike can all use the ‘Snow Dice’ App to expand their bag of tricks, challenge their buddies and have a smile on their dial.

Proceeds of the ‘Snow Dice’ App will go towards blacked out staff Range Rovers with 24 inch rims, ‘team building’ heliboarding trips in Alaska and the hiring of blonde Swedish models as ‘assistants’.

The ‘Snow Dice’ App is made by snowboarders – for snowboarders and is available NOW on the iTunes App Store for $1.99.

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