SGT Session 4 Video


If you don’t follow me on twitter, than maybe you’re not aware that I’ve declared Argentina the best place ever. It is. However being down here, I am aware that session 6 is almost over and these guys have been too busy riding pow to put out a damn session edit in a timely manner. Either that or it just takes a long time to come up with literary gold such as, “From rock slides to step-downs to tree jibs and pillow lines, Cerro Catedral was turned into a veritable Legoland for slayers.” Yeah Dunfee!

Riders: Randall Stacy, Ryan Mendez, Andrew Burns, Tony Pavlantos, Johnny Aguilera, Chase Josey, Tommy Tikos-Kadji, Ben Girardi, Dustin Eldridge, Skylar Holgate, Nicki Slechta

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  1. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    how is it that hood videos are awesome, and ones from south america are boring as fuck? its summer, it doesnt take much to make me pop one, give me something south america fuckkk.

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