Matt Wainhouse Defends Northwest Snowboarding


We agree, the Northwest and frontside 540s are awesome. Think you’re a ripping snowboarder? Try landing switch in pow.

Including cameos by Ian Wood, Travis Claughton, Matt Penny, Ryan Browne, Bart Pattituci, Michigan, Devin Elliot, Trevor Schy

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  1. MurderMitten
    MurderMitten says:

    I love hot laps in tow rope parks in michigan… but god damn i need to experience this side of snowboarding. I will go to steven’s pass before I die

  2. hades
    hades says:

    Awesome man! that was so sick! stevens looks like a beat ass resort for sure. I would hate to ride there. Where are all the rails? jus kidddinnnnnn!!!! that shit is what IS UP!!!! hyped !

  3. chuuch
    chuuch says:

    didnt no northwest snowboarding needed saving everyones been ripping there for ever you fucking idiots go suck jake oe off he cant even land into pow regular mid west pussys

  4. da da da
    da da da says:

    damn this is straight tightttt these guys kill it. that place looks sooo fun powder makes me hard at this point..fuck summer when camps over

  5. Joe
    Joe says:

    3:10—– ridiculous. This edit really embodies snowboarding for me. 2 seasons ago I spent a little bit of time at baker and all the other hills around Seattle, this really brought me back. Thanks guys!

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