Hump Day Goes Wild with Hana Beaman


photo: Crispin Cannon

Hana Beaman is the definition of a wild woman. There is no doubt that at some point in the future Hana will live hundreds of miles from any sign of civilization in a single room cabin where she will hunt her own food half naked with bow and arrow… maybe a shotgun too. She’ll wear nothing but flannels and wool ear flapped hats, sporting an ax while she explores the wilderness chopping down trees with her snores! She is a true lover of the outdoors. That is the real Hana Beaman and that also happens to be her email address. Go figure. – Colleen Quigley. All photos by Crispin Cannon

What did you do this winter?
I pretty much ran amuck all winter with a filmer and went wherever it was snowing. I tried to find fun people to ride with and I had a good time.

Why did you chose to do your own edits rather than film with Standard again?

I decided to do the web edits and my own thing this year because I wanted more control over the end product. It’s hard to spend your whole season filming for a project and then not have much say of how you’re portrayed and what’s put out there. I wanted to take it into my own hands and show more of what I’m about and what my snowboard season is. That’s why I steered clear of the typical film and contest season I’ve done in the past.

What did you not like about Standard’s final product?
I wouldn’t say I wasn’t happy with how the final product turned out. I’d say I wasn’t super stoked on my riding, which ended up transferring to the movie. I am not necessarily bummed on Standard for how they edited things, because obviously if I had ridden better I probably would have had more shots and would have had a better presence in the movie. But, there is more to snowboarding than just the handful of “A” shots you get in one season. To me, I’m not just about those 5 shots and a wacky lifestyle clip that someone is going to put in who doesn’t necessarily know me. I’m more about trying to get those “A” shots and showing [the viewers] what goes into it. Showing that I am not just a person who has a two-second headshot clip of me looking retarded. I feel like I always look retarded in the lifestyle shots.

But you’re so pretty.
It’s not even that, it’s just that the people who end up editing my video parts, I feel like they don’t really know me. And it’s not like it’s their fault, or my fault, it’s just how it is. I’m not going to get a lot of input on how they put my couple of shots together because it’s not worth their time to ask me my input and ask if I like it.

photo: Crispin Cannon

Did you offer to give your footage to Standard this year for free?
No I didn’t. I thought about offering it to one or two different companies. Depending on what they say. Putting it into the Peepshow flick would be cool. I’d like to talk to them and see what they want to use and have some sort of input.
(Since this interview Hana’s footage went to a shared part in Peepshow’s Winter Wars)

Why did you choose to do webisodes and how do you think the internet is changing the outlets riders have?
It seemed like the easiest way to do my own thing- film doing whatever for two weeks and have people see it two weeks later. It’s such a quick outlet to get what you’re doing to the people that are watching. Instead of spending $80 grand on a film budget, you spend a fifth of that and you have instantaneous content that you can put out multiple times throughout the season. You get so much more bang for you buck. You have control over it, you can manipulate it however you want and get it out to so many people. It’s instant gratification for kids. I feel like this is the way it’s going. Why wait eight months for a video to come out where you get to see your favorite rider for three minutes when you can watch the little three to six minute videos every two weeks and see what they’re doing?

You’re still putting your footage in a video; do you think they are still relevant?
I don’t think videos are dying but I think they’re being reshaped. I don’t think they’ll ever totally die out. But I think they way they’re made and the way they’re presented to people will change. I still value the video, but to me it’s really hard to go to my sponsors and justify putting in all this money for me to have maybe a minute or two of footage in a video. In the webisodes you see not just snowboarding, but all the stuff behind it [in addition to] good riding. Well, as good riding as I could do. It was always my intent to put my “A” footage in a video. To me it justifies the money [my sponsors are] spending and it gives them a bonus all year prior to that. If I can’t get it into a major film project, I could put out my own video part on the internet. You don’t have to go with the big name companies anymore. You have the product to put it out there on the internet and if people are into it, they’ll be into it.

photo: Crispin Cannon

Did you have many temper tantrums this season?
I wouldn’t say temper tantrums. I would definitely say I had some freak-outs.

Would you say what happened at Ms. Superpark 2 years ago was a “freak-out”?
No, that was definitely a temper tantrum, caused by you… and Leanne. You guys are such bitches. You know how to press my buttons and you pressed them quite perfectly that day.

[Laughs]. How do you keep your cool while filming when you want to freak out?
I think I just have to breathe and I have to redirect my focus to something positive. Sometimes it’s really hard for me to see the positive in things even though I see myself as a positive person. When I get into that little rut of a freakin’ negative day, it’s really hard for me to get out. I guess I let things build up and when shit hits, I am a party pooper.

Is Chyna is a positive person?
Chyna is definitely a positive person, positively insane.

Have you ever hurt anyone as Chyna and had to apologize the next day?
Not intentionally. [What about New Zealand?- Leanne Pelosi]. No! Leanne, don’t you! This is not your interview to do! Nothing happened, I’m not telling.

What happened in NZ? Is that when you almost blinded Keller?
Nothing happened in New Zealand. No, I don’t even remember where I was when that happened. That is such an exaggeration.

photo: Crispin Cannon

Can you explain the Nippler?
Oh geez. (Long sigh). Can I just say that I disagree with calling it the Nippler? [Laughs] For obvious reasons. It doesn’t make any sense to call it that because it’s not a crippler and it doesn’t involve nipples. I was learning how to do cripplers but at some point, instead of doing a backflip off my frontside wall I ended up doing a frontside 180 to front flip. I don’t even know how that happened. [Laughs] I mean, I was confused, because I thought I was doing cripplers. One year at Hood at the Abominable Snow Jam I was doing them in the pipe and everyone was all, “Oh my god! What was that?” I said I don’t know and of course Bridges started calling it the nippler for some reason because he loves to do that to me.

Do what to you?

Just make cheesy names.

Did he give you the nickname Chyna?
Yes he did.

What’s the story behind that?
(Sigh). It pretty much came from Last Call out at Loon. We were at an after party and I had an awesome haircut where if I slicked it back it looked like a mullet. Somebody put some Oakley Blades on me and I looked like a total hick wrestler. I don’t think I looked like a wrestler, but Bridge’s was like, “Oh take this chair and pretend like you’re breaking it over my back”. So I did. I don’t know how Chyna came up. I don’t look like Chyna.

I don’t think you look like Chyna either. I think it’s more your violent demeanor when you get to that state (not the Granite State).
I don’t get physical! I just want to say that I don’t think, well maybe when I was younger- I would go around slapping people for no reason. [Laughs] When I was let’s say 18-25, I might have gone around slapping people for no reason when I was drunk. But for the most part Chyna does not come out unless she is provoked. Do you disagree with that?

Provoked by excessive liquor, I do not disagree with that.
No! If you leave me at the bar in New Zealand and I have to run home at 3 in the morning when it’s 30 degrees out.

What happened in New Zealand?

(Sigh). It’s too long to explain.

Give me the short version.
We went to a bar after the Open to have a good time. At the end of the night I got left by myself while everyone else went back to the house where we were staying. I didn’t know where it was so I ended up getting super lost with some Japanese girls miles out of the way. I had to jog at least three miles, freezing, in the middle of the night trying to find the house. All I knew was that the house was on a street that “y’d” at the end. When I finally found it I walked inside to everyone partying and I was so pissed. Obviously, I was a little hyped up from running and being drunk. So I don’t know, I ended up wrestling [Laughs] Tall Todd and Leyland at the same time. I am going to say I was definitely not the loser. Needless to say everyone was very impressed that we wrestled for 40 minutes straight.

photo: Crispin Cannon

Are you going to make a run for the Olympics?
Are you asking about slopestyle?

Yes, unless you’re planning on entering pipe based on your one pipe trick; the nippler.
At this point, no I don’t believe I would try to go to the Olympics for slope.

Why not?
It’s just not what my goals are. I don’t aspire to be an Olympian. I don’t want to be training everyday in a park. I want to be out in the mountains having fun, riding pow and building kickers.

What was it like being the only girl in the Grenade crew?
It was awesome because we had all these fun dudes we could snowboard with. We just had a really good time and I think that was a huge factor as to why I did so well in my career. They were a support group. It was a cool thing we had going on. At least at the time it seemed like a lot of friends stoked to snowboard and we were putting out gloves.

What happened?
Probably the same thing that happens to all small companies, they get big and lots of money comes in and it’s not just about having fun anymore, it’s about money and making a company succeed. You get older, situations change and people change. For me it’s kind of a bummer to see what it was nine years ago to what I feel like it is now.

What is it now?
I feel like it’s just another snowboard company that doesn’t have a soul. I don’t feel like I’ve lost friends but there’s definitely been some weird feelings every once in a while. I still feel like those guys are my friends.

Do you feel like you got taken advantage of?

No, we all knew what was going on. No one got paid. It was all just fun and games. I never expected to get paid.

Even after it was clear that a lot of money was coming in?
Personally, I think there are people who contributed to the success of that company who never got their dues. I definitely think that a lot of the people who put in a ton of time and effort to make [Grenade] a success got left behind. A lot of people got swept under the carpet and loyalty kind of went out the window.

Thanks Hana. Sponsors?
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