Manifest Teaser


A few years back Aaron was staying at my house in Tahoe and he was hounding me about going with him to Alaska. As far as I could tell, he had no plan, nowhere to stay, a run down 86′ Blazer, and probably little to no money. Though the idea of going to Alaska was very tempting, I couldn’t see myself just bailing out of town like that. Aaron left and I didn’t hear from him for a while. I wasn’t sure if he made it, or where he was. The next thing you know, I started seeing these vids on the internet of him shredding lines and having the time of his life up in AK. From that point on I knew that when Aaron had a plan he was going through with it, no matter what obstacles stood in his way. That’s why when he approached me about making a movie with Jason and him, I knew right away that I was on board, and that I was in for quite an adventure. It’s been one hell of a winter! -Sam Tuor

  • handsomericky

    So pumped for this one…

  • squares

    radical in all senses of the word

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  • megascorp

    Holy shit this looks awesome.

  • that was fucking sick

  • MurderMitten

    keeping it classy with the method ender. this looks so good

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  • pope


  • so awesome

  • so sick

  • Sam

    Pow, 2:02, Jackson, and Portland. Easily one of my favorite trailers of the year. Really looking forward to this little gem.