Bear Cubs: This is a Sinking Ship FULL MOVIE


The Bear Cubs latest, all the way from past the great white north (Alaska, duh)

Featuring: Cameron McCormick, Chris Brewster, Gus Engle, Mike Caldarola, Evan Sharp, Shay Martinson, Brendon Hupp, Chris Larson, Scott Holland and Garrett Swenson.

A film by Brendon Hupp and Mike Morgan

  • karnkarn

    I would have paid money for this movie. Awesome job guys.

  • ble

    mofuckin dizope

  • Forest Creature

    it sucks that the best part has to go first in free movies cuz fools cant watch the whole thing

  • very nice work gentleman.

  • Austin

    shit was magical

  • tony

    Swenson for president

  • Good stuff

  • Chrismafugincloud

    soooo good.

  • dun


  • Hupp,

    I sat down and watched this whole movie via roku on my big ass tv. Let me tell you, it was quite the treat. Excellent work my friend. I look forward to seeing you soon so I can give you a big congratulatory hug.

    Good stuff my dood.


  • scottie

    homie flick of the year.

  • think thank no thank you

    Wow, It amazes me that some of these clones get paid. Most boring movie ever. What has snowboarding become…? This is wakeboarding at best, everything is with a banshee bungee. The only jump was a wack steez swbs 5. DISLIKE!!!!!!!!!! This is a poor representation of ALASKA.