Snow Park Laps (with Pros!)


In a brilliant marketing tactic, Snow Park New Zealand has enlisted Theo Muse to put together a few promo videos featuring super famous snowboard dudes like Stale Sanbech, Mark McMorris and Seppe Smits doing stunt laps down under. It’s like what you’d do if you were there! One lap, one take. Here are the three that have dropped so far:

  • dangg

    stick to triple corks mcmorris

  • karnkarn

    Mcmorris is bolts.

  • in the seppe smits lap, first trick: front board, might need a little work on gettin that shit 90 degrees. 65 doesnt really count. its like, you couldnt decide between front board and 50-50, and just leaves me confused man.

  • magoo

    wasnt gonna go farther then the first, but after seeing matts comment i had to investigate, and agreed, fuck that shit

  • why pros?

    cause most of the park lap ids you post suck yobeat.

  • lame norts

  • zeach

    mclovin laced the back lip on the downbar

  • Griffindor

    What are the song names for Stale’s and Seppe’s runs?

  • so…
  • so…

    @Griffindor Music: Silver Screen/The Beat Connection
    Music: Temptations/Gorilla Warfare Tactics

  • gaws

    halldor helgasons top to bottom at north star is the best top to bottom…ever