The Ultimate Summer Edit


This edit’s got everything that was trending this summer: a Young Jeezy soundtrack, skateboarding, ramped slo-mo shots, film burns, snowboarding, humor, zeaches, and Red Gerard, to tell it like it is.

Riders: Stevie Bell, Trevor Jacob, Josh Bishop, Zach Lancaster, Tristan Sadler, Gared Schneider, Dan Klonowski, Cody Lee, Johnny Tsunami, Red Gerard, Derrek Lever, Danny Buller, Sammy Spiteri, and Evan Drage.


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  1. huh?
    huh? says:

    other than tim, windells is a great place with great people. tim has exploited the cheap, often free, labor of his “expendable” employees for years. he is a liar, a phony, a fake, that fool doesnt deserve any of your money.

  2. cheese sandwhich
    cheese sandwhich says:

    I love all these noobs that throw a shitty film burn on EVERY single clip. It looks shitty as fuck. There’s more to it than just lowering the opacity on the Burn you bimbos

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