Defenders of Awesome: Cale Zima


Damn, is the movie out yet?

  • zeach

    cale may not have the cleanest style but he’s got more balls than any other urban boarder.

  • zorbed

    him and brisse= no style and basically insane

  • matt

    you are a dumb fuck
    cale rips so fucking hard, you haters should die

  • Jeffy


    just to let ya know if you see this, you owe me josh parker.
    you owe me a shot at the bar since i got you so many.

    i think its funny to do it through this instead of through facebook.

  • Jeffy

    oh and by the way. get to minnesota. i miss you and want to hang out with you. hope your elbow is better.

  • woah

    i’m so hyped on seeing cale’s part!

    and who is to decide who has style and who doesn’t? cale has a style all his own

  • Chuck Schick

    Sounds like Jeffy has a crush on Parker.

  • Former Student

    fuck yeah so sick!

  • chuuch be easy

  • mikerav

    the boss

  • da da da

    Cales loose, carefree shredding is his style and its tight. and just cuz brisse doesnt wear his little sisters pants doesnt mean he doesnt have sick style and bigger balls then anyone else in the game

  • Sam

    Cale is amazing. His style is betting better. His tricks are getting ballsier. Probably will by the movie just to watch him.

  • fuck, that stalefish to flat roof landing made my knees hurt! very nice work sir, can’t wait to see the rest of this 5 foot wonders part.

  • his style has already gotten better since his nowhere part, cale kills it, fuck the haters.

  • Stan

    Another upstate shot. Can’t wait.

  • nick lipton’s flip flops

    sick balls dude