Featuring ACTUAL SNOWBOARDING, this is COMUNE’s latest snowboarding film project titled “Psychic Secrets of the Russians and the Shape of Content 1983” (PSOTRATSOC1983). Pay attention, there will be a test later.

Even more footage at​psychicsecrets

Featuring the snowboarding experimentation of:

Eric Messier, Curtis Woodman, Dylan Thompson, Colton Morgan, Ben Rice, Ty Walker, Cameron Strand, Billy Mackey, Maxwell Carl Scott, Jordan Michilot, Brendan Gerard


Principal Video:
Ryan Scardigli

Additional Footage:
Kevin Castanheira, Corey Smith, Alice, Eric Messier, Brenden Hupp, John Stark, Paul Heran, Bryce Hymans, Riley Erickson, Sean Lucey, John Waddell, Clayton James

Edited by:
Corey Smith
Ryan Scardigli

Art Direction:
Corey Smith

Music by:

Cool Runnings “When I Got High With You” off of the Babes Forever album.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club “Beat the Devil’s Tattoo” off of the Beat the Devil’s Tattoo Album.

Bass Drum of Death “Heartattack Kid” off of the GB City album.

Harlem “Gay Human Bones” off of the Hippies album.

Davila 666 “La Ciudad” off of the self titled album.

“I’ve always wanted to experiment with snowboarding as an art form, hey, where the fuck is Ben Rice”
-Corey Smith

“This was the craziest winter I’ve ever experienced. Everything from epic powder runs in Utah and Tahoe, to run in’s with The Man in Wyoming. We did it all. Long nights, early mornings, hard work, and hard partying went into every aspect of this project and I am thankful to have been a part of it all.”
-Ryan Scardigli

“Your trailer pissed me off so much, that I liked it.”
-Robbie Sell

44 replies
  1. David Z
    David Z says:

    I hated the teaser. I better really love this movie or I’ll make lots of tough guy threats over the internet challenging you to meet me in person to throw fists.

  2. Benny Kenkarp
    Benny Kenkarp says:

    That was so hard to watch. I made it a whole two minutes and thirteen seconds. Trying way too hard to be hip.

  3. sdfk
    sdfk says:

    fuck brenand gerad is sick. the closeout was sooooo fucking gnarly!!! and the last two shots shut the video down…

  4. TG
    TG says:

    What the hell was that barrel roll thing brendan did over the pipe…Last two shots were insane..Way to go Bren…Killing it!

  5. Kai Gerard- Red Gerard
    Kai Gerard- Red Gerard says:

    Hey you guys see the guy doing the naked hand plant? Yeahhhh thats out brother!!!!

  6. ras trent
    ras trent says:

    A few suspect lips and quick cuts from sketchy landings for a professional video. Cant blame that dude for not wanting to try that 50 to road gap again though. Other than that a good watch.

    BURZUM says:

    Haha professional… that’s for Doctors, lawyers, and teachers. Not snowboarders. I think Brendan had to stop before he flew into another road and trees on that 50-50 road gap.

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