If you thought last year’s movie title was a mouthful, introducing Psychic Secrets of the Russians and the Shape of Content 1983. And if you thought the movie itself was weird, well, wait til you see this. Featuring video art by Portland OR based COMUNE/Drop City artist Krystal South. Rumor is if you stare hard enough you’ll see God.

The movie drops Tuesday August, 16th at

PSOTRATSOC1983 will Feature: Eric Messier, Curtis Woodman, Dylan Thompson, Colton Morgan, Ben Rice, Ty Walker, Cameron Strand, Billy Mackey, Maxwell Carl Scott, Jordan Michilot, Brendan Gerard

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  1. satan
    satan says:

    what the fuck.. was that some paranormal activity shit? fuck you yobeat. get these hipster faggots off this site.

  2. -
    - says:

    step in the right direction (although sometimes more doesn’t mean more when it comes to titles [especially when last years title concept was “super long title]).

  3. antichrist
    antichrist says:

    everyone on there team is garbage besides dylan thomp and colton. have you ever seen brendan gerard. that kid gargles horse semen on the daily.

  4. DICK
    DICK says:

    That fucking ender was so sick! You can talk shit on comune all you want but at the end of the day there is some good snowboarding in here and I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  5. Hate
    Hate says:

    @antichrist you’re a straight kook. Maybe if you didn’t worry about how he dresses you’d notice Brendan Gerard slays it. He probably fucked your mom and older sister last night, since you’re probably like 13 or some shit.

  6. Skunky J
    Skunky J says:

    I had to watch this without sound. Does it make more sense with it? I’m really confused right now.

  7. steele
    steele says:

    The fuuck????? clearly comune sucks D!ck!!!! I just became very motivated to never purchase anything from Comune EVER!!!!!! i like watching people snowboard!

  8. Art Fag
    Art Fag says:

    Everybody, calm the fuck down. I saw the video on Thursday, there will be more than enough loopty loops, helicopter spins, railing grinds, and extreme stunts in the video to keep your dongs hard. Obviously this teaser worked and got people talking.

  9. fuckthebullshit
    fuckthebullshit says:

    i dont know maybe i just didnt smoke enough black tar today and thats why i couldnt see the snowboarding, but i did see Corey Smiths art sucks oh and hes a weird fuckin tool and if brendan gerard wants to realy do somthing with his skills he should just jump ship from this comune garbage before he ends up being 40 like Corey and sucking at life….. i dont just sayin.

  10. Erik
    Erik says:

    I hope this trailer is a joke. I’ll wait to see the actual video to judge, but it really sucks that there are people like this in snowboarding.

  11. J
    J says:

    GAY!!! just like all the commune tight pants wearing fags who made this shit.. Really yobeat.. you put this crap on!! Just made me realize I will NEVER come to this website again!!

  12. southern fried
    southern fried says:

    Good bye to and your little mind will not be missed… Snowboarding is anything you want it to be…Watch it all with opened minds

  13. alexa
    alexa says:

    anyone who talks shit on corey dont know shit about nothing, brendan, dont let the bastards getcha down!

  14. whattttttttttt!
    whattttttttttt! says:

    hahhahahahaha comune got everyone with that, wish we got to see brendan gerard shred guess just have to wait for the full length! dont see what people are making such a big deal about so what it was only like 2 mins long who cares lol

  15. @Hate
    @Hate says:

    “got people talking”… thats probably what they’re claiming for this one huh? oh please u vain motherfuckers, but yea a lot of snowboarders with no money to buy the vid are talking about how gay the teaser is

  16. southern fried
    southern fried says:

    Lets all remember.. Snowboarding is and can be anything we want it to be..Thats the wicked part about it..And the video will be free

  17. ozman
    ozman says:

    digles left my shit out, fuck that sober cunt! I’ll see you next week. hate hate hate hate hate. jk lol rofl 69

  18. cron
    cron says:

    as soon as someone does something remotely different, that actually makes you think and use the wonderful brain you were given, you can’t comprehend it and freak out. god forbid someone do something weird. thank you COMUNE for putting something together that is in no way stale and boring like the majority of other snowboard films out there.

  19. wildo
    wildo says:

    that was just a plastic bag over a light with a fan blowing on it. damnit you cant just turn random shit into art. It did get me stoked to ride though, that one dudes trick on that one feature was dope

  20. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    if you look carefully, it’s actually the souls of good people that started a really nice clothing brand called COMUNE jumping ship after it was sold to some fucktards.

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