Windells Session Six Mega Coverage Post

Oh shit! They finally let Paul Heran edit a session video (ahem, all by himself). For the last session, they should have DP do it!

Filmed By: Paul Heran, Tyler Malay, Alexandra Erickson, Jake Strassman & Jacob Durham

Double bonus! The Session six skate video is done too! This one we believe comes from the Final Cut of Jake Durham.

Windells Session 6 was sunny. Every day. As everyone’s levels of vitamin D increased with the perfect weather, so did the smiles, high-fives, and appetite for summer shredding. The end of summer couldn’t be better; there’s so much snow that we’re still riding all the way down the mountain and the Windells park is out of hand. It’s got the feel of a good skatepark, with various ways to hit everything, lending to some impressively creative shredding. There are tranny finders and tube lines, running both across and down hill, the jump line is lapable, and there’s now a quarterpipe at the end of the park. Thank you, Diggers!

Even though summer is coming to an end, there’s no shortage of radical summer snowboard vibes at Windells. Here are some of the highlights from Session 6:

1. It was Rome Week at camp and the SDS brought the Summer of Shred ’11 to camp. Bjorn Leines, Johnny Lazzareschi, Lucas Debari, Marie Hucal, and the AmArmy shredded both on hill and on campus. Ever wanted to learn how to do a back 180 with help from a legendary ‘boarder? Bjorn Leines was on hand teaching campers the finer points of spinning their snowboards. Epic.

2. Johnny Lazz was back on campus, megaphone in hand, and all was right at Mount Hood. Even though Lazz may not necessarily need a megaphone to blast his familiar laugh through Mount Hood National Forest, camp is always better when he’s mic’d up. Lazz and Lucas held a Rome knockout game, showing off their own basketball skills, while trying to knock out campers.

3. The Flow Team was at camp, too, including Tim Humphreys, Brandon Reis, Nial Romanek, Shane Fortier, Sarka Pancochova, and the Flow Microns. The Microns rode in a swarm around the park, a line of short rippers hitting everything in front of them. Flow gave campers a leak of their new team movie, showing not only the teaser, but also some extra footage and bail shots direct from Tim Humphrey’s private clip stash. Tim also showed his newest GoPro edit, before anyone else got to see it.

4. Dylan Thompson and Jonah Owen held an ultimate tube session up on hill. Rumored tricks that went down include a back three on back five off, and cab five on back three off…maybe even back five off. Video footage to be out soon.

5. The Rome Team hosted the most rock ‘n roll Thrasher Night of the summer, you could practically hear the air guitar solos. Then, they put on face paint for Zombie Dodgeball and then, Bjorn hosted the most extreme egg/spoon race ever seen at summer camp, with tons of obstacles and prizes. The week was packed with hilariously fun activities!

There’s one session left and the Technine Team will be at camp, so check for lots of updates at
The Gatorade prism wedge was set up perpendicular to a ground tube with a ‘T’ down tube. Make sense? It was fun. Austen Sweetin backblunt 180 before continuing down the line.

Ben Bilodeau melon to fakie. P: Erik Hoffman

Bjorn Leines kicking one out on this handplant.

Brendan Gerard.

Enzo Plati tuckknee.

Assistant Head Digger Everest Arnold over the heads of Session 6 campers.

Justin Fronius front 270 stale to frontboard.

Justin Norman 270 to frontboard.

If you’re at Mount Hood and you hear echoes of “JapMob” coming down the lane, look around, you could witness John Shaw frontlipping the tube.

The Rome Team and campers during Rome Thrasher Night. P: Erik Hoffman

Bjorn winds up while playing Zombie Dodgeball. P: Erik Hoffman

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  1. bblumpkin
    bblumpkin says:

    hcsc and windells videos this summer really raised the bar for snowboard. i mean switch back 3 onto a dfd, seriously?

  2. wildo
    wildo says:

    i don’t know who these chowderheads are saying that high cascade is better. Windells is equal if not better, word to your mother

  3. c'mon
    c'mon says:

    If you want to ride with famous pros, go to HCSC.
    If you want to ride with the best ams from minnesota go to windells.

    Windells it is.

  4. jah
    jah says:

    if it wasnt for tim, windells really could be the funnest place on earth. he is a fat arrogant fuck who treats people like used toilet paper. watch your wallets, he’s called swindell for a reason…

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