Best Summer Ever: Whoops


This isn’t really a new episode as much as an excuse why there isn’t a new one. I got to Windells early and was just messing around before I was going to start filming. (Paul Heran was filming me, because that’s what filmers are supposed to do.) The further you went off the end of this rail, the more moguls and bumps you had to deal with. When I landed, I got bucked and felt something in my arm pop. It really didn’t seem like that bad of a crash, but my elbow was now out of socket.

Ski patrol showed up with their sled and said they might be able to put my elbow back in at the bottom, but we had to go slow because it was a bumpy ride. I said “fuck that, point it.” On the way down, ski patrol crashed with me in the sled and after collecting herself, she got me down where I was notified I would have to go to Gresham to get it put back into place because if they did it improperly I might “lose my arm.” It took an hour and 45 minutes to get to the ER. It took 2.5 hours from the time it was out until it was put back into place. Don’t EVER dislocate your elbow.

  • rdub

    i second that advice. did mine this season, hurt like heck. at least didn’t get crashed by ski patrol tho.
    all best for your rehab.

  • dick

    “fuck that, point it”

    too good

  • BlackieChan

    Oh my god? Might “Lose your arm” from a dislocated elbow if they do it wrong?

  • Don’t be…


  • uncle russ

    Damn Parker.. U ok man?

  • Sumthinsumthin


  • darrah

    try sitting in the back of a truck on that drive from hood to portland, waiting to get your arm bones re aligned, while listening to 3 guys talk about buying dirt bikes and how much fun theyre going to have this summer, and how awesome the activities theyre going to do will be. very depressing.

    but anyways, i heard elbow dislocation is one of the most painful injuries to sustain. sorry josh!

  • Tim Bradley

    Parker! Sorry bud!

  • milksteak

    I watched a patroller bite it and get run over by his sled (which was carrying a patient) this season. needless to say he never lived that one down. get well soon parker

  • Clip was sikk!

  • too fucking


  • the CANNON!