High Cascade Session Five Video!


Bode didn’t get the ender, so who could it be? Looks like you’ll have to watch and find out.

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  1. dtyjh
    dtyjh says:

    yeah it was sick but compared to other sessions this one seemed kinda weak.. wheres stevens and the signature sessioners? and rav and hobush were barley in it.. but its still better then windells edits

  2. noidea
    noidea says:

    Ender was decent but bode still had one of the best parts in this video. Kuzyk and a few others killed it though too

  3. Andrew
    Andrew says:

    HOLLA ATCHA… wait… Scott, are you there? Scott wake up! Scott stop sleeping! You missed two HCSC session videos in a row!

  4. ben
    ben says:

    scott only coached half of the summer. but that edit was really sick, but for the first time i think the riding in the windells edit was better

  5. ehhhh
    ehhhh says:

    I dont know about that statement at the top, better than the windells videos..? that’s just a biased statement.But if i were to give a honest opinion, none on them are better than your mom.. i put in in her butt last night, it was tight..

  6. @matt
    @matt says:

    no way, bode had two enders already. don’t get me wrong, he is amazing but johnny killed it this session

  7. mattyk
    mattyk says:

    i cant help but feel that the ender was partially in thanks to me. I mean afterall, I HELPED his main man dan pick those pants out.

  8. Tom
    Tom says:

    Anybody mind telling me why the ender was so amazing? Sure he did some good tricks and smoothly, but so did everybody in the video? Whats the difference?

  9. matt
    matt says:

    tom, you should kill yourself.
    on another note.. this was too sick. and i hate everyone in this video for having 100000 times more fun than me this summer. god damnit

  10. yoyougotfruit
    yoyougotfruit says:

    that slide to front flip from rav caught so off guard, crazy shits goin down over there

  11. Tom
    Tom says:

    Really? I’m not asking for hate I’m just asking for somebody to explain how that was different. Not everybody has enough knowledge in snowboarding to understand everything that’s going on…

  12. aphh
    aphh says:

    scott vine needs to understand that if he’s gona keep up all this one footed nonsense he needs to speak with the bode man

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