Fawkin’ Backyahd Boardin’

“All we have done all summer is watch amazing snowboarding videos on the internet and it has seriously made us depressed so we tried to get a little boarding in before we killed ourselves. I used to do this every fall as an immature middle school student but never in the dead heat of the summer. On a collective day off, we drove an hour to steal ice shavings from an ice rink… yeah, were those guys.”

Riding from: Tucker Brown, Christian Buling, and Andrew Aldridge

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  1. fuck you
    fuck you says:

    ahh yes, the infamous ice-rink trick. a staple for the ritual of mid summer new england snowboarding

  2. Donald
    Donald says:

    Switch frontboard pretzel? Switch 5-0 back 360 out and a front 360 on? Wowsers! not bad for the middle of august on the east coast

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