Uncle Russ Russ Talks Shit with Kevin Jones

For all you fans of Story Time with Uncle Russ Russ, we apologize for the lack of stories lately. It seems our old pal Uncle Russ Russ is in high demand as a serious snowboard journalist these days. While he’s busy collecting the big money for his iMovies, we’re lucky if we get an iChat conversation here and there. But ya know, when that conversation is with someone like Kevin Jones, we’ll take it.

Russell: What’s up man?!! Wanna do a little shit talking?

KJ: Let’s do it, I’m listening to Britney Spears…..I’m ready.

Russell: So how’s Jackson treating ya?

KJ: I’m in Elko Nevada…Ruby mountains

Russell: For what? You fishing again, trying to find that fresh water mermaid? Or is there snow?

KJ: Both.

Russell: Hitting any jumps? Speaking of jumps what was up with the triple backflip?!

KJ: Don’t know. Felt like the thing to do.

Russell: So you’re saying that snowboarding is more of a touchy feely kind of thing rather then being a swivel jock and just progressing just because someone did something?

KJ: No not what I said at all. Britney Spears sums it up. Oops I did it again….

Russell: I know your a sarcastic bastard like myself so I feel I can give you some shit!!

KJ: I love Brit

Russell: I guess so, you’re calling her Brit. Since we’re on the subject. Would ya? With no booze around.

KJ: Oh yea!!!!!!!! with or without booze…

Russell: So I take it you would “do it again” in the morning?

KJ: Happens…..

Russell: So did you take a bunch off time off snowboarding??

KJ: No I didn’t take time off snowboarding, I stopped being a tool bag for the idiots that control snowboarding “culture”. I just snowboarded without cameras for three years…. it was very refreshing.

Russell: Now that’s what I’m talking about!! The tool belt was getting kinda heavy huh! What ever happened to Jeenyus? Just let her go??

KJ: You’re digging…. Burton bought it and dumped it. sucks.

Russell: Not digging, I figured that’s what happened but wasn’t sure. Do you go to the Cowboy Bar ever there in Jackson dress up like a rancher and just get good and drunk on whiskey? That’s that I wanna do next time I come out there!

Kevin Jones: Let’s do it! I don’t drink though.. I just do coke and acid. and molly.

Russell Winfield: Awesome!!! So what to you is the biggest difference in the industry these days with riders and companies?
 And is it a good or bad thing?

KJ: I don’t know… I don’t care really. As the late Craig Kelley said “the smile on my face at the end of a run is all I care about!”

Russell: That’s a respectable answer…RIP Craig! We lost connection yesterday, what happened last night? get bored?

KJ: Tri tip and a lady.

Russell: ohhhhh! Gotcha way more important! How was the tri tip?

KJ: So good… thunder storms…couple of cold ones and good company!

Russell: Sounds like a beer commercial… Was there a fire and blankets?

KJ: Yep! how I roll doggie!

Russell: sick!!!

KJ: hahah

Russell: Wanna finish this up? Just need to bring it up to date.

KJ: sure

Russell: So what’s up with the whole Blue Bird Snowboards thing?

KJ: It was a concept Willie and me came up with while drinking sodas. Just bitching about the snowboarding. We decided we can either keep bitching or go fall on our faces like we should.. You’re just another bitch until you do something about it.

Russell: Wow KJ

KJ: Well it’s the truth isn’t it?

Russell: Absolutely!! What are you guys trying to do?

KJ: I Just want to continue you my lifestyle until I say I’m done not when somebody else says I’m done. As long as I can make somebody laugh I’m good. They don’t even have to be laughing with us!


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    It’s one thing to not run a grammar comb through your shit, but you’re really going to spell Craig Kelly’s name wrong? Really?

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