Help Finish What A-Rob Started

This fundraiser was set up to help live out Aaron’s dream. A group of close friends and family are traveling to Chile on a whim in this pursuit best explained in an email from Blake Paul:

I know its hard to think about right now and you are probably going through it way harder than I am, but i have this feeling that we need to do this for Aaron. I have never had a stronger feeling to do something more than this. The decision is all up to, you and I feel you were the closest to him but please read out my idea…

We need to make a Chile section for the movie. We have to finish out our mission. Its what Aaron would really want, this could make the movie so powerful. We need to get Sam, Yoder, You, and whoever else you think should be involved, down here for at least two weeks. We need to get some solid footage of the culture, snowboarding, and tell the story of Aarons last few days. The snowboarding world needs a reality check right now, if the movie ended with spreading some of Aarons ashes where he passed the film could be amazing, award winning, -exactly would Aaron would have wanted. I know we can do this, its all so hard to comprehend right now but it has to happen. We have to finish out Aarons mission down here.

We can’t let the sadness and trauma take hold of the situation. Its not about being sad for death, its about celebrating life. Basically its not about us, its about him, and his dreams. He would want this, he died trying to get this. This situation is changing our lives and making me grow up really quick. The next few weeks are going to be difficult. But we need to look back on this moment and say..”we didnt give up, we did what Aaron would have wanted.” We can’t regret this.

Thank you. Anything helps.

Aaron’s spirit will forever live in our hearts!

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