Best Summer Ever: Windells Diggers


If there is anyone taken for granted at Mt Hood in the summertime, it is definitely the diggers. They party all night and still find a way to make it to the mountain before any of us wake up. The pristine features and world class camps are all thanks to these few questionable characters. They come from all over the world to make sure your summer experience is the best and are rarely commended. Featuring the Windells diggers and a few friends.


Artist – If These Trees Could Talk
Song – Smoke Stacks

Artist – Girlfriends
Song – Suckin Rare Meat off the Bone China

  • M

    red deserves to work for yobeat

  • fuck

    red takes the cake on this video

  • yoyougotfruit

    reds a boss man

  • satan

    if these trees could talk, akron ohio love

  • Tim Bradley

    Red owns.

  • you should have a weekly video called “the Red rant” hahahaha

  • TG

    haha yes reds killing it!

  • Former Student

    “THE REDIT” where’s it at? why isn’t it daily!

  • Adrian

    Fuck yeah jasper!

  • Park looks sik!!.

  • karnkarn

    5050 boardslide 5050 360 out yum.

  • sow

    that kids awesome haha

  • brohater

    ….he’s a party animal

  • Red dont hate on Blake, do you remember when I took you to Vegas? You’re a party animal too bro!!!

  • milksteak

    red for president

  • jiggerlypuff

    That Derrek guy needs to get his arms under control while he snowboards

  • Colin

    ^Its called Loose Boardin, Im into it

  • Brendan.

    ^^Colin knows what’s up, Control is for squares and cops.