Behind the Shot: Piotr Drzastwa

In our first monthly Firing Squad champion’s battle ever, the entire country of Poland came out to support their own. If you are mad about it, never fear, there are plenty more battles to come, but for now, let’s find out more about this shot and its photographer, Piotr Drzastwa. Congratulations and enjoy your brand new Monument Snowboard!

Tell us about this photo: who is the skater, where was it taken and when?
The skater is called MikoÅ‚aj Baranowski, he’s a rider POGO & Vans. This photo was taken in July 2009 in Czestochowa in Poland on Pogo & Vans skateboard tour.

What was the set up you used to take it?
I used to Nikon D80, nikkor 10,5 fisheye

If you took it again, would you do anything differently?
no, I like this photo, this composition, it’s strong for me

Who are you, where do you live, and what do you normally shoot?

I live in KÅ‚obuck in Poland. I am a photographer, skater and snowboarder so I do what I love. what more could you want?

Why are people from Poland so good at online voting contests? You didn’t use an IP scrambler, right?
I don’t know. My homies are great! It’s very important. This was the first contest when I could be convinced how many people support me, because I start in contests rarely.

Do you have any advice for people who want to get into photographing skateboarding?

Do what you love. Without pressure. Open your mind. It’s a difficult ground for making money so if you do it, do it for yourself.

Anything else you’d like to say to the YoBeat public?
turn off your computers, go skate!

Do you have a website where people can check out more of your work?
yes, I have my blog when you can check some my photos:
check it, welcome!
KÅ‚ubuck Crew!

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