High Cascade Session 3 Recap


The High Cascade session 3 edit has it all! Camper Cameos! Scotty Wittlake sighting! Snowskating! Sun! Fun! etc. etc.

Filmed by: Tanner Pendleton, Skylar Brent, Rob Balding, Matt Roberge, Harry Hagan, Sean Lucey, and Ted “Bundy” Borland.

Edited by: Tanner Pendleton

  • dtyjh

    this is sick.. but where is spencer?

  • yoyougotfruit


  • JD

    Holy shit…. ender.

  • GetWyld

    dont forget the classic winnebago man reference from Fox

  • that ender just shit on scott vine’s entire season of one-footed training

  • matt

    alright now all were waiting for is…HAMVAN 3!

  • ben

    im speechless…that last trick was so crazy. what the fuck. and this is only session 3

  • Graham

    Fffffffuuu- video won’t load.

  • â–² :: f r i t z p f a f f :: â–²

    don’t sleep on bode, ya’ll

    dood is HAM !

  • meech

    ender was on some ssx tricky shit

  • lickmytaint

    i cant take it anymore.. i need to fuckin ride!

  • samuell

    Where is Spencer? We demand more!

  • Gerg!

    I guess this means we will see the 1-foot double cork this summer too. The progression train must be a Mag-Lev now…

  • wtf

    easily 2 of the gnarest one footies ive ever seen.

  • steve

    who the hell is spencer?

  • karnkarn

    Hobush looking great!

  • rackem

    That was magical

  • Travis

    She called the doctor and wanted to schedule an appointment for my sister and I and today was the only day they could get us in. So my mom told both of us you don’t need to take a shower if you don’t want to(since I got up at 12pm and she got up at 12:30p.m.)

    Other than that the tricks are great, well all agree on this

  • ur burnt

    who the hell are you steve?

  • Fonzie

    M-azing edit. The ender was fucking nuts

  • FilmerD

    Oh lord….

  • enrique


  • The Passion of Christ

    filmer/editor for these kicks ass

  • MIKEGrass

    i give up, fuck it.

  • just from watching him snowboard I knew hobush would kill it at skating

  • poopsauce

    Smangin’ it from dusk til dawn

  • dylantrewin

    wasn’t that cool, bode’s first back 3 on to the elbow was a zeach

  • Grinch

    27 comments and you guys don’t hate this and think it’s played out yet?
    Yobeat is the snowboarding hate machine, don’t start slipping now kids.

  • jacobnak

    YEAHHHH BLAZE your the best coach ever

  • Izeachparkcity

    Second song was sick, anyone know what it was?

  • Sam

    Bode Merrill or Nicolas Muller?

  • Dylan Trewin

    Ryan Irvin hacking my name and hatting on Bode like a bitch