Rejected Edits: Rain Day Entertainment

So it’s raining at Hood, which is bullshit, because it’s after the 4th of July and not supposed to rain anymore. While we’re setting the record straight, if you think people’s courts battle suck, don’t tell us that we can use your edit for that if it’s “not good enough to go anywhere else.” We have a place for those, it’s called, Rejected Edits so without further adieu, let’s make some kids dreams of getting their edits on Yobeat come true!

Dmx shredit

You guys are good at riding and hitting big back country jumps. But what skills you have in that department are greatly over shadowed by your lack of video editing capabilities. I like the dmx theme, hes hard, kind of taboo, I get it. The execution was too far off to make the cut. You also made the biggest mistake in all of editing, aside from not de-interlacing or whatever that is people bitch about, you used the black flashes, weak.

PC and Bear Edit

I only needed to see the first flat box trick to know this edit was going to be rejected. What do you call that banger anyways? This video made me think you guys were a couple of kids who kill it at some small ass hill in Ohio or West Virginia and took you “big out west trip to film.” Either stay at said hill or stop making weak edits and submitting them. The bro cam edits need to start getting a little more creative with their filming angles. The slightly to the side ¼ of the way down the rail angle is old. Work on that and you might have some success.

Pipe to Pipe 2011

Despite having the only name listed in the video I still must reject this one. Flattered as I am that you recognized me somehow you put way too many weird crappy shots in there. Just because you filmed with a go pro doesn’t mean you cant adjust the colors and exposure when you’re editing.

What’s Next Full Movie from Nexgen Crew

Damn suburbia is hard these days. The upper middle class white kid never seemed so hood before. Since this is a full movie ill base my reject on the first and last parts, aka the bangers. First, I haven’t seen a t bolt job like the one you’ve got in quite some time. For next season lets work on making it to the end of rails and hitting the big boy side of the jumps. Last, you’re close to being ok. I give it another two or three years until you’ve got it locked. Some of the rails were prespun out and sloppy. As I said I only watch the first and last parts, I doubt I missed anything else too exciting in the mid zone.

Summer Laps from the Critters

It takes real videographic genius to film something so artistically shaky as this edit. Tell your homie with the red flannel to take a piss before he goes riding. I haven’t seen someone clench their knees together like a 4-year-old girl holding back her urine in quite some time. Pat Milbery would be proud. Another banger that caught my eye was the fs willie grind at 1:24. So you went snowboarding, did some soggy tricks, cool. Should have left this one on the hard drive.

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  1. Travis
    Travis says:

    I have a life on an off day from school. I didn’t expect to go to my doctor’s office and take an underwater weighing test.I was happy with the off day from school and I got a off shower day too. Then we had to get tested underwater.

  2. Kook
    Kook says:

    everyone sucks, but late back ones are the shit. also @ mn change your name nobody cares that you’re from minnesota.

  3. matt
    matt says:

    jerm despite all attempts to adjust exposure and fix the quality of gobro footage, it only makes it look shittier. that’s why i finally got a camera that can be adjusted while filming, not after the fact.

  4. matt
    matt says:

    oh and at the 4-year-old: you could be pretty good and have some style, if you didnt take skinny stances wayyyyy to far.

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