Gingervitus with Special Guest Pat Moore

It took me about 20 years to cope with the fact that I have red hair… head to (ahem) toe. I’m OK with it now, but it took some getting used to. Now, I don’t usually willingly sit in a room with another daywalker, but I made an exception for this column since I am changing the name to reflect my exercise of introspection. I caught up with one of the most famous and freckly faces of snowboarding for a few minutes to discuss his feelings on the matter. At the very least, I now know who I will be kicking on this year’s International Kick a Ginger Day. A ginger on ginger interview is like a double negative and I do not disagree that redheads are gross. Pat Moore took a second out of his busy gym schedule to answer a few questions about his 16th chromosome and a couple about his snowboarding.

Two gingers in one photo would break the camera, so we stole these photos off facebook and pieced them together ourselves.

Hi Pat. Want to hear a ginger joke?

A couple at a hospital just gave birth to their first child. The doctor says, “I have good news and bad news. Which would you like first?” The couple says, “The bad news I guess.” The doctor says, “Your baby was born with red hair”. The couple replies “Ok, well what’s the good news?” The doctor responds, “It’s dead.”

[Laughs]. Oh man, that sucks.

How was your season?

My season? Really, that’s what you’re going to ask me? It was good. I had a hard time at the beginning of the year because the season before I was hurt. It was hard to commit to tricks and stuff like that. Once I started getting some tricks down and filmed a couple things it started rolling. The end kind of sucked because I fractured my pelvis on that QP.

Tell me about the quarter pipe and your attempts to break the record for highest air.

Red Bull built me a QP at Copper because I really wanted to try to do that ten-meter air that no one has done. I gave it a try, came close, but didn’t get it. I landed on the deck from somewhere around 30 feet. Ever since I was at the Arctic (Challenge) when Terje did his record air, I was just pumped on it. It’s always been something I wanted to try to do. Red Bull was down so we did it.

Good thing Pat is wearing a hat in this photo, or it might blind you. Photo by Tim Peare

Which term do you prefer, ginger or redhead?

Probably redhead.

Do your parents have red hair?

My Dad had red hair until he lost it, so I am pumped…

Are you bummed or relieved that you are balding and losing your red hair?

Fuck yeah I’m bummed. There’s nothing you can do about it, but we’ll see. I’m holding on to my hair for as long as I can. I don’t care if it’s red.

You bought ice cream cones for all of HCSC staff today. That’s pretty nice of you. Typically people think gingers are not very nice.

I can’t really think of any mean gingers- Carrot Top, the Flying Tomato, and T bird [are all mean]. T Bird is definitely mean. [Laughs]. I’ve done so many sessions with High Cascade and I’ve gotten to know everyone so well. And the whole time we’re here, everyone puts all their energy towards you. And that’s cool, so I want to return the favor. They work super hard, everybody does.

Well thanks, we appreciate it. Have you ever made out with another ginger (man or woman)?

No. Are you asking me something [laughs]?

Fuck no. Would you ever consider dating a ginger (not me)?

I’m not opposed to it. But I am pretty happy in my current relationship.


Two reds don’t make a right I guess. I don’t know. I guess it’d be weird… lots of pasty skin and red hair.

In addition to having red hair, Pat snowboards. Photo: Ian Ruhter

Who is your favorite ginger snowboarder?

Hondo wants me to say Shaun White. I would say Brian Barb. I’m pretty sure he was kind of a ginger. I’d say T-bird too, he rules.

What would you do if the Government tried to round us up and put us on an island?

Like the MIA video? In that case I would probably die. [Laughs]. I would run.

Did you know we’re going extinct?

I don’t see our kind going anywhere. I know that we are becoming extinct but there will always be a little ginger in someone.

Are you saying redheads have small wangs?

[Laughs]. Great.

Do you hate other redheads, or are you ginger neutral?

I don’t see color. I don’t judge people by their hair color.

Apparently gingers have a lower pain tolerance. Are you a pussy when it comes to getting hurt?

I did hear that. Whatever they gave me for my pelvis worked great. I was hobbling around the grocery store then blacked out and woke up on the ground. That was working fine. I am a giant pussy though, so that makes sense.

Are you bitter that you will never get the title of ‘best ginger snowboarder of all time’?

[Hondo] He will if he kills Shaun White
Yeah that’s in the works. I’m going to take him out.

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  1. lionel
    lionel says:

    You want a detailed summary of what happened today? Alright, here goes:

    My mom wanted to do something instead of weighing myself on a scale. She heard about a underwater weighing test from my doctor last year and she wanted to give it a try to both, myself and my sister.

    She called the doctor and wanted to schedule an appointment for my sister and I and today was the only day they could get us in. So my mom told both of us you don’t need to take a shower if you don’t want to(since I got up at 12pm and she got up at 12:30p.m.)

    It goes on from there with the underwater weighing at the doctor’s office.

  2. Diggles
    Diggles says:

    Claudia had a great idea to produce an all ginger video with the likes of Colleen, Pat, Shawn, and all the other day walking greats. I’m down to make it if you all are down to shred it.

  3. BRupp
    BRupp says:

    Met both of these daywalkers at Govy last summer… both are very good people, Pat was the nicest dude ever, he bought me drinks on my BDay…. and I don’t care what everyone else thinks about that pipe jock Shawn White…. Pat is the best all around ginger snowboarder on the planet.

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