Oddities of the Snowboard World

The complex, ever growing and constantly fluctuating world of snowboarding is both mind-boggling  and mind altering. It has the power to create a joy and passion that few things or moments in our life can match or beat. At the same time it can cripple us with its stupidity and lack of business savvy. Marketing campaigns can fall on audiences harder than a bag of bricks, superstars can become court jesters and sites can pop-up just to cause headaches…

This two-planked Vitamin Water disaster caught my attention the other day. Ironic considering HCSC Diggers have been known to physically assault poaching free-skiers.

Unbelievably I stumbled upon this “nee” jerker on the ol’ Facebook this morning. So I have to ask…

Thank God for the “refresh” button, now I can pick up a new Credit Card and book my dream golf vacation.

Or better yet, maybe I’ll just pick up a new Corvette and blast some Green Day! You know, ‘cuz the high school kids reading this can afford a Corvette and are total Green Day fans.

Speaking of fast cars it turns out Shaun White has a tire company sponsor now. This honestly doesn’t surprise me. He’s worth gold to any advertiser and has propelled himself to the point of, “Fuck off I’m awesome!” So good for him, but it makes me wonder…

Shaun’s road to glory lead me to his second Rolling Stone cover. My question? What’s with the rockstar thing, it’s so, so ’80s. Like I understand the reasoning behind the attitude, just not the fashion choice. Anyway, Tony Alva went fully stiff on the rockstar thing too. So the question is…

  • Alpha


  • breezy

    More lipton. This is actually funny.

  • Way to go Nick, I was totally working on selling a HUGE ad campaign to Green Day!

  • So Dumb

    You are describing YOBEAT! Idiots.

  • Behnk’in


    So as not to discredit yourself by attacking two of the leaders in the snowboard industry, take into consideration the fact that Tws and Snowboarder mag are not working directly with the advertisers in this article and are simply opted into an on online ad targeting technology known as re-targeting. Essentially, this entails displaying an ad for a site/product you’ve already exposed interest in elsewhere on another site, if that site is in the same ad network which usually results in higher brand engagement or sales in the end. It appears both TWS and SB mag are apart of doubleclick, a large ad network. So, what you’re seeing, is simply, more or less, what you’ve been doing online. Perhaps Yobeat can engage in re-targeting so you guys can display more beer, Portland/Mt.Hood, and GoPro advertisements and monetize your 23k uv’s/mo better. Get at me.

  • ble

    Behnk’in, sorry sir, but i also saw that ski binding ad on tw and i have not once glanced at ANY site that would sell those in the last 2 months at least. normally all i see is american apparel ads….

  • erik

    This is the YoBeat that I know and love.

  • gnarski

    behnk’in is right. look at the blue arrow on the top corner of the ad and click it. it describes what he just said. ble you may have been searching keywords like snow or resorts that got the ski binding ad

  • I Ain’t Sayin… I’m Just Sayin

    quote of the day from an outerwear CEO “We’re not in the action sports industry! …I don’t even like Canada”. No word of a lie I can’t believe I wasn’t recording the call.