Cats of Anarchy Save America!


High Flyin’ Tomahawkin’ Raw Doggin’ America day shredding from the Cats of Anarchy and friends (including our ol’ pal Chip.) Just a damn good time.

Riders: Oliver W. Dixon, Dominic Palarchio, Matt Miller, Levi Ryerson, Danger Dave, Chip Bleakney, Minishred, Mike Mindala, Ty Modz., Dylan Chrismer, trick and a bunch of busted ass ski racers.

  • magoo

    first backlip was sweeeet

  • minnesotanice

    fuck yeah!

  • jerm

    clean the fucking fog spot for christ sake!

  • What are we chopped liver?

  • Hate

    Camera man has a crush on Dom haha “YEAH DOM!”

  • Martha Stewart

    Jerm shut the fuck up these kids are the shit for this video.

  • The Passion of Christ

    jerm managing to create negativity once again

  • upstatemike.

    i like.

  • aaron fraher

    fuck ya

  • ayerscare

    Fuck yeah to the fog spot!!!

  • dylantrewin

    Cats of Anarchy Sucks. Tranny Finders all day!

  • satan

    sorry jerm we were having too much fun snowboarding to worry about lens fog

  • hot toddy

    usa- fag nation… what the fuck is that picture? “taco bell.. fuck yea”

  • Ryan Irvin

    Zombie Death Crew is better then all, FUCK Cats of Anarchy

  • Dylan Trewin

    thanks for commenting under my name impostor

  • prohoe


  • Drunk Dad

    Mad corney. Upside down crosses are so fucking in right now too. You guys are so rebellious, your parents definitely wouldn’t approve

  • Ollie Cat

    I jerk off like.. all day long.

  • snobro69

    jerm. im picking a fight wit you. tomorrow t-line parking lot. ill be the one with the baseball bat

  • michigan