Firing Squad: Street Skating Battle

Skateboarding was born in the streets. Finding something smooth (or not so smooth) and figuring out how to use it. The creativity bred in the streets can certainly make for some interesting photography, and this week, we have five photos shot in places you’re probably not supposed to skate. It’s up to you to decide who wins this week’s gift certificate and is eligible for next week’s grand prize battle for a Monument 777 snowboard for shooting the best photo, so vote for the one you like the best (even if your friend sent you here to vote for them!)

***The next battle theme will be crash shots (before, during or after) so get your shots in!***

Photo 1 by Tommy Larragueta

Photo 2 by Rob Reynolds

Photo 3 by DJ Ward

Photo 4 by Bartosz Szydlowski

Photo 5 by Kory Hartz

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The Firing is a weekly photo competition pitting photos against each other in a battle of supremacy. If you think you can do better or you just want a chance at glamorous prizes such as a $50 gift certificate good for anything at Submit your photos for a chance at glory! Next week’s battle theme will be street skating. Send your shot in to [email protected] The top five images will do battle. A new battle begins each Tuesday. For specifics on submitting your photo, check out our submission guidelines.

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  • Sam


  • duh

    is photo 2 serious? hahaha 3 is dope

  • turd Ferguson

    ^its a pivot fakie, dick.

  • Chance

    I like 1s shout out steez

  • jimbo

    Photo 1 looks like he’s either about to slip-out or land super sloppy. I liked photo 5, but photo 3 is super sick too. Still on the fence on that one

  • Z

    2 isn’t a joke, but those jazz arms are. 3 is tight as hell, none of them are poorly shot though, most have great composition; it just sucks that the firing squad is getting better photos now.

  • seamus

    where’s that full pipe pic all the way to the left on the top? looks sick

  • Remos
    • Yeah that one was gonna run until I realized it was a skatepark… seemed too hard to change the main image.

  • Remos

    photo 1 was a land btw

  • duh

    haha pivot fakie on what?

  • turd Ferguson

    ^your mom

  • kedo

    nudel wins